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    The HIMOINSA new lighting towers offer more auntonomy, less consumption and easier transportability

    The APOLO Range has been designed to operate continuously and withstand temperatures from -20 to 45° C. It includes LED versions

    HIMOINSA has designed a full range of lighting towers that are compact, robust, versatile and offer extended autonomy. With a lighting capacity of up to 1.320.000 lumens, some of the towers in the APOLO range can light up an area of 110.000 square metres and have 166-hours autonomy, equivalent to 17 nights without being refuelled. Their carefully thought out design includes LED versions that consume substantially less fuel.  Their small measures make them easier to transport, reducing the shipping cost. The APOLO Range includes several lighting towers which belong to the START, COMPACT, BOX and KIT TOWER series. 


    The APOLO START series  is made up of the following tower models: AS 4006 and AS 4008. They have been designed to operate continuously and withstand temperatures from -20 to 45ºC. Fitted with a nine-metre manually extendible mast, the AS 4006 lighting tower is one of the most versatile and competitive on the market. “These lighting towers can run up to 70 hours iuninterrupted, mere than 7 nights without refill and they illuminates up to 32.000 square meters”, explains Manuel Sanchez Bada, Engineering Manager at HIMOINSA. The nine-metre high mast manually folds down to make it easier and faster to transport. Its four lights fold up, enabling 14 units to be fitted into one 40-feet container. The four 1,000W lamps provide a total of 384,000 lumens and its mast can be rotated 360 degrees, lighting up to 32,000 square metres.


    The APOLO COMPACT lighting towers are small, autonomous and resistant to extreme conditions. Its hydraulic mast allows a 360º rotation and extends up to 9 meters high in less than 25 seconds. Fitted with a 100-litre fuel tank, they are capable of running for up to 166 hours without refuelling. Up to nine units can be transported in a 40-feet container. The Compact ECO model has low fuel consumption of just 0.4 to 0.7 l/h.  The COMPACT STANDARD lighting tower provides a total of 400,000 lumens and able to run continuously for up to 63 hours on one tank of fuel. The COMPACT HEAVY DUTY lighting tower fitted with extensible stabilisers for irregular ground and areas exposed to high winds. Its reinforced chassis and trailer coupling allows several units to be linked together for towing. The COMPACT ECO lighting tower uses 40% less fuel thanks to its six 240W LED lamps and 5-kW Yanmar engine. It has autonomy of 166 hours.


    The new APOLO BOX series of lighting towers are characterised by their size and square shape; two features that make them quicker and easier to move. “Up to 20 units can be transported in a 40-feet container, making it a star product in the construction, leisure, events, and emergency sectors”, adds Manuel Sánchez Bada, Engineering Manager. They have 126-hours autonomy and are fitted with four 1,000W lamps capable of illuminating up to 33,000 square metres. Its hydraulic mast allows a 360º rotation and extends up to 9 meters high in less than 25 seconds. A LED version of the Apolo Box series is also available, fitted with six 240W lamps, cutting fuel consumption and therefore saving energy.


    The KIT TOWER series includes three models of lighting tower without generator set. The Mini Kit or KT1000 tower has been designed with a stand-alone tower kit that can be coupled to a generator sets with a minimum power rating of 5.5kW. The Mini Kit tower has a lighting capacity of 433,000 lumens, capable of illuminating up to 36,000 square metres. Its design includes a stabilising base for use on irregular ground; commonplace in the construction and mining sectors.HIMOINSA'S generator sets coupled to the KT8000 and KT12000 towers are fitted with the sound-proofed B10 canopy, ensuring they are extremely quiet. The lighting tower KT8000 has six 1,500W lamps and a lighting capacity of 200,000 lumens, covering a surface area of 16,500 square metres. The KT12000 lighting tower has six 2,000W halogen lamps and a lighting capacity of 1.320.000 lumens, covering a surface area of 110.000 square meters.

    PROJECTS | The Panama Canal expansion works, major sporting events in Abu Dhabi, the construction of the high speed train link in Spain and the underground railway in Poland are all projects that have been illuminated with HIMOINSA lighting towers. The company provides its customers with a fast and efficient technical service through a technical support network across the entire market. Its Spare Parts department supplies spare parts for maintaining and repairing lighting towers.


    The lighting towers in the APOLO range are equipped with Yanmar engines. Five engine models are available ranging from 6 to 10 kW. Its high combustion performance is achieved together with low emissions that satisfy EPA Tier 4. 



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