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    HIMOINSA distributors in Spain gather to find out about the company's new generator sets and lighting towers

    Around twenty distributors and representatives of HIMOINSA in Spain gathered in San Javier in Murcia region for the HIMOINSA Spain 2014 Convention. At this annual event, all commercial agents had the opportunity to find out about the new HHW series of generator sets and the complete range of Apolo lighting towers that the company recently launched and will showcase in more detail at the IRE Show (IRE), Europe's largest show for rental companies, from 24 to 26 June in Amsterdam.

    The meeting between Spanish distributors got underway on 27 May with a workshop where Francisco Gracia, HIMOINSA's Executive Director, discussed the company's expansion process and global strategy. Manuel Aguilera, Gas Product Manager, focused on trends in the gas generation market and the role played by HIMOINSA's offering of diesel generators with power ranges from 8kW to 3.5MW. “Demand for gas generators in Spain is starting to grow, in particular with natural gas and LPG. This growth is being driven primarily by the industrial sector,” Aguilera explained during the meeting with distributors, who welcomed this product line which delivers “energy and maintenance cost savings.”

    The presentation of HIMOINSA's new HHW generator set series and APOLO lighting sets, which have just been  launched internationally, was made by Agustín Rodrigo, HIMOINSA's Network Development Manager. According to Toni Alberto Rosal, of Balear de Grupos, these products are highly rated by the distribution network, which appreciates the winning combination of quality and affordability. He adds that the new HHW series offers a wide power range and is designed chiefly for the stand-by sector, one of its main niche markets “in regions like the Balearics, where the hotel sector demands an emergency energy supply, along with shopping centres and hospitals. He explains that "being able to supply a quality, reasonably-priced diesel generator enables us to be one of the most competitive players on the market ." 

    Manuel Aguilera. Gas Product Manager. "Various surveys for the international market show that gas generation could draw level with diesel generation by 2020."

    Juan Perona, Sales Director HIMOINSA Spain. "Our generator sets have been used in 80% of public works in Spain."

    Manuel Sánchez Bada, Engineering Manager "This hybrid generator set cuts diesel consumption by 40% and reduces maintenance expenses and pays for itself in two years."

    Francisco Gracia, Founding President. "Our annual sales have grown despite falling domestic sales thanks to our international presence."

    The protagonists of the convention

    Lighthing Towers. 

    The APOLO Range includes several lighting towers which belong to the START, COMPACT, BOX and KIT TOWER series.  With a lighting capacity of up to 1.320.000 lumens, some of the towers in the APOLO range can light up an area of 110.000 square metres and have 166-hours autonomy, equivalent to 17 nights without being refuelled. Their carefully thought out design includes LED versions that consume substantially less fuel.  Their small measures make them easier to transport, reducing the shipping cost.

    Hybrid Generator Set.

    The generation of electricity with hybrid generator sets featuring a battery pack, a diesel set and solar panels reduces the hours and, therefore, maintenance costs. HIMOINSA has developed technology for hybrid generators with a variable speed drive from 1300 to 3000 rpm. Speed is adapted to the load so consumption is optimised at all times. "This is a 15-kW machine with a battery bank of 700 amps/hour and 1,500 amps/hour with which we seek to achieve the best operating costs for the customer," says Manuel Sánchez Bada, who explains that this machine is more expensive but reduces diesel consumption by 40% and pays for itself in two years. 

    HHW Series. 

    HIMOINSA launches a new series of generator sets with HIMOINSA alternator, engine, canopy and controller. Seven soundproofed, open generator models, with power output ranging between 20 and 100 kVA at 50Hz and between30 and 120 kVa at 60Hz. The new generator models, powered by the HIMOINSA 4HD engine, feature low noise emissions, optimal fuel economy and excellent throughput, productivity and reliability levels. The generator sets comprising the HHW series are being marketed with three types of canopy to choose from: B10, C10 and D10. The three canopies feature inner have been fitted out with an inner lining of mineral wool - an insulation material with excellent soundproofing and thermal qualities.

    The After Market area is a priority for HIMOINSA and the company strives constantly to incorporate new mechanisms to ensure fast and efficient customer service. Javier Escudero, HIMOINSA's Spare Parts Department Director, introduced the company's new online parts system to the distribution network, which allows spare parts to be sold 24/7. Javier Eroles Alias, a HIMOINSA distributor in Catalonia and Andorra, praised the new online system, which streamlines the ordering and distribution of parts, adding during his visit to the factory that that this service "is highly appreciated by customers." He was also able to find out first hand about the latest technological advances that the company has incorporated into the production process at both its assembly plant and its metal treatment centres including a new container painting line. 

    The market trend in Spain

    In recent years HIMOINSA's domestic sales have fallen by 85% as a result of the decline of sectors such as construction and public works in Spain. “Fortunately our global sales have continued to increase thanks to the growth of other international markets in which we have a strong competitive presence," adds Francisco Gracia, HIMOINSA's Founding President.

    Spain has always been a key market for HIMOINSA. At present it accounts for around 10% of the company's global sales and remains the country's leading manufacturer of generator sets. "Our generator sets have been used in 80% of Spanish public works," adds Juan Perona, Sales Director at HIMOINSA Spain, "and we are very confident that we will be the first to make a move when the economy starts to pick up. We know that many Spanish companies have been selling their machinery outside the country during these years of inactivity and that they will need to buy significant amounts of equipment when activity starts to recover," he adds.



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