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    Generator sets with stage IIIA engines for the rental market

    HIMOINSA introduces its new lighting towers at IRE, the largest trade fair in Europe for rental companies

     HIMOINSA will attend the International Rental Exhibition (IRE) held in Amsterdam between 24 and 26 June. HIMOINSA, which manufactures generator sets and lighting towers, will take part in one of Europe's leading trade fairs for rental companies, where the main international ones will also participate. HIMOINSA will show its rental range, i.e. the resistant generator sets, with stage IIIA engines that meet the European emissions standards.

    The European rental market is increasingly more demanding. It requires generators with high capacity fuel tanks and low noise and pollution levels. Since HIMOINSA'S generator sets have Stage IIIA Yanmar, FPT, MTU, Scania, Doosan and Mitsubishi engines, they provide power, robustness, mobility and profitability. Francisco Ingles, HIMOINSA'S Regional Sales Manager, is convinced that all the IRE visitors will see HIMOINSA'S capacity to adapt its products to meet the rental market's technical needs. "Our generator sets provide a large selection of watertight fuel tanks, with double walling and different configurations for the base panels," as well as ensuring excellent functioning in parallel and other technical options made to order.

    In a context where the large rental companies are being forced to renew their equipment and the small ones are starting to expand their fleet, the demand for generator sets in European countries such as the UK, Germany and France is growing. Clive Dix, the manager of HIMOINSA'S UK subsidiary, states that the rental sector is experiencing strong development as a result, among other things, of the reactivation of the construction market. "We are ready to provide a broad range of HR generator sets with stage IIIA engines that will ensure optimal fuel consumption for end customers and a significant return on investment for rental companies".

    HIMOINSA manufactures diesel generators for the rental sector with stage IIIA engines, whose power ranges from 30 to 665 kVA. It also designs generators with higher power and special configurations and connections in parallel that can increase and/or reduce the power by adapting it to meet the client needs at any given time.

    The visitors to the IRE will find out about these technical characteristics at stand 420 of the RAI-Exhibition and Convention Centre in Amsterdam, where HIMOINSA will present the 30 kVA-HRYW 30 generator sets, with Stage IIIA Yanmar engines, the 85 kVA-HRFW 85 generators, with Stage IIIA Iveco-FPT engines, and the 150 kVA-HRFW generator sets, with Stage IIIA Iveco-FPT engines.

    One of the rental companies' main priorities 

    is to provide a fast service and immediate delivery while making costs profitable. This is why HIMOINSA believes that it is important to manufacture equipment that can be easily piled up and transported, providing the rental companies with quick availability and delivery to customers. The HR generators include a grip slipper in their canopy that facilitates their transport and protects the canopy from the wear and tear suffered after being in direct contact with the hard and unstable surfaces typical in construction, which is one of the main sectors to which the rental companies aim.

    New HIMOINSA lighting towers   

    This multinational now has new compact lighting towers which are easily transported and have large autonomy to meet the rental companies' needs. HIMOINSA has sold the lighting towers Apolo KT8000, Compact and AS4006 for many years,  and has now expanded its 'Apolo' range  with new products such as the ‘COMPACT ECO’, ‘COMPACT HEAVY DUTY', ‘BOX’, ‘MINI KIT’ and other new LED lamp versions. 

    Discover our lighting tower in ire, amsterdam

    The new Apolo Box lighting tower is characterised mainly for its size and square shape. A size that makes it easy for the customer to transport. Up to 20 units can be stacked and transported in a 40 foot container which makes it a star product in the construction, leisure, events, and emergency sectors. The ‘Box’ lighting tower has an autonomy of more than 100 hours and is offered to the market with four 1000W bulbs, but can also be supplied with six 240W LED bulbs. Its four 1000W bulbs can light up to 33,000 square metres and its hydraulic telescopic mast can reach a height of nine metres. 

    The Compact Heavy Duty is mainly characterised by being extremely compact and with a rugged design. Its reinforced chassis and trailer coupler makes it an attractive lighting tower for mining, construction and leasing companies. It consists of a tower kit and generator set, both incorporated into a compact and balanced mobile unit. Its six 240W LED light bulbs extend the service life of its spotlights up to 50.000 hours, as opposed to regular spotlights that usually offer up to 2.000 hours. This system saves 40% of the energy.  Its vertically elevated hydraulic telescopic mast and nine expansions reach a height of nine metre and a 360-degree beam direction.



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