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    New heavy range generator sets with greater power and lower fuel consumption

    HIMOINSA has developed a new series of generator sets with MTU engines offering 1270 kVA in PRP and 1402kVA in stand-by.

    The manufacturer and distributor of power generation systems has expanded its heavy range with a new series of generator sets with MTU engines. Seven new models offer competitive advantages over older models in the same series, reducing fuel consumption by up to 5%, extending maintenance periods and guaranteeing greater 

    power and improved load acceptance. The new models run at 50Hz, offering a power range of 745 kVA to 1270 kVA in PRP and 822 kVA to 1402 kVA in standby. The new series includes a dual-frequency model, the HRMW 1270 D5-6, primarily aimed at the rental sector.

    Reducing fuel consumption by up to 5%, extending maintenance periods and guaranteeing greater power and improved load acceptance.

    A distinguishing feature of the new models is a common rail injection system and new electronic regulation. This results in greater displacement power and lower fuel consumption than other engines of the same capacity. In addition, their average rate limits for load and operating hours even improve the power rating conditions set out in ISO 8528-1, with a load acceptance in G3 conditions of over 50%. The new electronic regulation also improves operation in different temperature and altitude conditions. 

     The various engine regulation optimisations available mean that this generator set can meet existing emission regulations, making it a competitive generator for operation in any geographic area. 

    The new HRMW 1270 D5-6 dual-frequency generator set will be on show at Bauma

    The new MTU engine-powered generator offers 1270 kVA at 50Hz and 1232 kVA at 60Hz in PRP. The new model guarantees more power in a smaller space and low running and maintenance costs. One of the main advantages of this generator set is its ability to supply power at both 50Hz and 60Hz, making it ideal for use in seaports and for international rental companies with fleets operating in different companies.

    This new model has been designed to meet the demands of the rental sector, as it includes quick fuel connections on the outside of the container, water-decanting diesel filters and pre-heating resistance with a pump. It also incorporates an automatic oil filling system, which cuts down maintenance, an interior lighting system, maintenance-free batteries and grounding points.

    In addition, its modularity and easy installation mean it is ideal as a temporary backup power plant when electrical power is inadequate or when energy demand peaks occur, to provide electrical power during maintenance work on the mains power system, or to provide energy in inaccessible locations or construction sites where no mains power system is available. 

    It incorporates a state-of-the-art control panel that can synchronize up to 32 generators in parallel and control load sharing. The control panel constantly monitors the generator’s operation, enabling it to operate under load demand and perform load shedding. Likewise, it can memorize up to 250 events and offers a wide range of functions for flexible monitoring, measurement and protection of the generator set. It also offers a complete range of communication and expansion options.

    The HRMW 1270 D5-6 is integrated into a tough CSC-certified 20-foot ISO container, allowing maritime transport. The container is designed so that the generator set can be easily transported and handled with cranes and hoists. Its wide doors, which incorporate safety locks, allow access to all components, ensuring quick and easy maintenance and servicing.

    The new design incorporates new air inlet ducts and soundproofing panels on the air outlet, guaranteeing HIMOINSA's usual excellent soundproofing performance.

    The HRMW 1270 D5-6 model has been designed to work in extreme temperature conditions and has an integrated 1250-litre fuel tank, thanks to an innovative container design.

    Attendees at Bauma will be able to find out more about the competitive advantages offered by this new model. 
    Visit us at our stand, A6.301 | 56A.4



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