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    25MW | Power Generation Plant in Angola

    The Angolan Ministry of Energy and Water (MINEA) award the internationally-recognized generator set manufacturer, HIMOINSA, the construction of 25MW energy plant to supply the Cassaque pumping station in the town of Zango IV on the Kwanza river
    CASE STUDY | 25 MW  | Pumping station, Cassaque (ANGOLA)


    Location: Cassaque (Angola)

    Installed power25MW

    Generator sets: 9 HMW-1785 T5 units and 9 HMW-2200 T5 units in a 40-foot container 12192 x 2438 x 2896 mm (L x W x H)

    Special configuration: Two containers have been installed to group together the transformers’ 18 medium voltage outflows, protect the plant, make measurements and act as the synchronization point with the load or with the grid in the future.

    Client: Angolan Ministry of Energy and Water

    HIMOINSA’s engineering team has developed a ‘Plug & Play’ system which gives the Ministry flexibility to increase the plant’s generation capacity, dismantle it as necessary and install power production modules in any part of the country. 

    The project was equipped with the most up-to-date technology and a highly-qualified technical team was onboard from the outset. HIMOINSA also organised a training programme for local personnel on the use of the technical tools required for plant maintenance to ensure quality and professionalism in the technical control of the substation.


    The main objective of the project is the construction and start up of a substation to supply power to the Cassaque pumping station. This will provide a supply of good quality water to the town of Zango IV. The project is designed to generate 25MW PRP and deliver 20MW of continuous power to the grid, with 15,000 volts at 50 Hz.


    The Cassaque plant has installed capacity of 40MW, however, guaranteed capacity stands at 25MW. The generation plant contains 18 HIMOINSA gensets (nine model HMW-1785-T5 units and nine model HMW-2200-T5 units).

    The Cassaque project will improve living conditions for the people of Luanda, ensuring a more regular supply of clean water. Water supplied by the Cassaque pumping station accounts for 60% of treated water for public consumption in Luanda.

    Technical Specifications:

    Step-up transformers. Transformers with biodegradable coolant have been installed. Each transformer contains a temperature and pressure detection system. In total, nine 1600kVA and nine 2000kVA transformers were installed, with a transformation ratio of 15/0.4 kV/ 50 Hz.

    Medium voltage (MV) switching centre. The switching centre channels all the transformers’ MV power outflows, acting as a common busbar. Two containers have been installed to group together the transformers’ 18 medium voltage outflows, protect the plant, make measurements and act as the synchronization point with the load or with the grid in the future.

    Substation ancillary services. These comprise a 400KVA transformer with a transformation ratio of 15/0.4kV/50 Hz. A 400KVA genset was also installed to provide service when the generation plant is not operative. An ATS switchboard was installed inside the control container, enabling automatic switching in the event of a breakdown in the power supply.

    Control room. This houses all IT and control equipment for the 20MW thermal plant. From here, gensets, cells, fuel management, power exports and ancillary services are all controlled.

    Fuel storage system. This is made up of 11 double-walled 50m³ deposits for outside use. Nine of these 11 deposits are used to receive fuel and two are used to supply fuel (one for each branch of nine gensets).

    Administration and social unit. The administration of the thermal plant and all employee services are carried out in this unit, located at a strategic point within the plant.

    Lighting. This comprises lighting for the perimeter of the plant, with 10 single lighting towers, and interior lighting, with 10 double lamp lighting towers, all constructed of metal and providing sufficient illumination for the whole plant.



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