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    Why rental companies choose HIMOINSA generator sets

    What sets our generator sets apart from the competition are four values underpinning the design and manufacturing process: transportability, reliability, durability and simplicity

    The numbers speak for themselves. Profitability is what counts in the rental sector, along with quality, durable equipment. In this regard, rental generator sets demand excellent performance and reliability. However, the rental company is not the user of the equipment; rather it acts as an intermediary between the manufacturer and the end user. 

    This process makes the design phase more complicated for the generator set manufacturer, because it involves one extra aspect compared with other sectors. Here, the needs of the rental company and those of the end user need to be taken into account together. 

    "What sets our generator sets apart from the competition are four values underpinning the design and manufacturing process: transportability, reliability, durability and simplicity". Massimo Brotto, Business Development Manager.

    Rental Generator Sets

    The unique feature of the rental sector is that the equipment may be used in a range of applications; from events, Oil & Gas, construction, mining, IPP, water treatment, to temporary stand-by for shops, hospitals or hotels. “Each of these applications has its own important unique features and very different requirements, which is why at HIMOINSA we have designed the HR rental range, which meets each and every one of these needs in a single product”, says Massimo Brotto, Business Development Manager. “What sets our generator sets apart from the competition are four values underpinning the design and manufacturing process: transportability, reliability, durability and simplicity", he adds.

    Differential values against the competition


    HIMOINSA generator sets and lighting towers are simple to transport, thanks to their unique lifting points and forklift rails, avoiding bending and displacement of components during lifting. The equipment is also suited to modes of transport, as HIMOINSA designs canopies to optimise load capacity, both for wheeled land platforms, and in 20’ or 10’ ISO containers. “For containers, we have a special kit that makes it possible to handle to units of 10’ containers as if they were 20’. In addition, HIMOINSA offers CSC approval for containers, so they can be transported both by land and by sea”, adds Brotto.


    HR rental generators sets are ready to withstand water ingress, corrosion due to humidity and high salinity, ice and snow build-up, and power loss due to high temperatures. The whole structure is made of DD11-quality carbon steel sheet, in accordance with EN10111.2008. Thicknesses of up to 8mm for structural components. All welds are made using robotic MIG-MAG technology. “As a result, we offer equipment that can withstand over 1000 hours of salt-spray testing. We also complete canopy assembly by sealing all physical joints to prevent any water or moisture ingress. Air inlet and outlet construction has developed significantly over years of testing in a very wide range of extreme environments. Today we can guarantee water ingress protection that is unique on the market, as well as effective filtration of solid elements, such as sand, or mineral dust”, says Massimo Brotto. It should also be emphasised that these results were obtained without sacrificing any acoustic performance or ventilation or cooling capacity of the engine, which is guaranteed up to 55ºC.


    We are committed to providing our rental products with a user interface that is simple, user-friendly, intuitive and effective. It is with this goal in mind that HIMOINSA designs and manufactures electronic systems; the CEMx and Mx controllers, can communicate with the new Stage 3A engine protocols and interpret and handle complex safety algorithms, simplifying them to offer a pleasant and productive user experience. The system is built on a modular and flexible structure, in which a central "PHG" unit, with a microprocessor, connects via a CAN protocol, expanding various uses: display and keyboard, analogue and digital input, operating relay boards, MODBUS communication interfaces, Ethernet, GPRS and interface with the Fleet Manager platform, which enables centralised monitoring and management of the rental fleet.


    Guaranteeing that the equipment will function throughout its useful life without needing to stop for unplanned maintenance is vital. That is why the selection of the materials and components that will eventually go to make the generator set is of paramount importance. HIMOINSA's Product Engineering team has scrutinised every aspect of the position of operating components, the position and number of lifting points, the orientation and position of air inlet/outlet and gas exhausts, full protection of hot and moving parts.

    HR - Rental Generator Sets

    HIMOINSA manufactures rental generator sets with stage IIIA engines, with power ranging from 30 to 665 kVA. The company also designs generators with higher power and special configurations and connections in parallel that can increase and/or reduce the power by adapting it to meet the needs of the client at any given time.


    At present, HIMOINSA generator sets and lighting towers form part of the equipment fleets of major rental companies such as Loxam, Ramirent, Red-D-Arc, Speedy, Woodlands Generators, Charles Wilson Engineers, Atut Rental, Power Rental, Power Hire, etc., with the UK representing one of the main markets for the multinational company.

    HIMOINSA at the Executive Hire Show -EHS-

    Once again, HIMOINSA's UK subsidiary attended one of the most important events for rental companies in the UK. The Executive Hire Show 2015 brought together the major players in the UK rental sector, one of the leading global rental markets. Clive Dix, Managing Director of HIMOINSA Power Solutions LTD., brands HIMOINSA participation at the event a success, where the rental generator sets were positively received by visitors, with their guaranteed low running costs, low noise levels and great customer service. “Without question, the power generation market in the rental sector is growing. Lots of companies are trying to enter the market to grow their business opportunities. However, the market can tell the difference. HIMOINSA is a vertical manufacturer, not merely an equipment builder. We are experienced, we know how to listen to the market and we fully understand rental companies' needs, so we can manufacture a made-to-measure generator set that is suited to all rental companies”, explains Clive Dix.



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