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    Variable speed hybrid generator sets that reduce fuel consumption by 40% and extend maintenance periods up to 1000 hours

    HYBRID POWER SOLUTION will be introduced at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, and at Middle East Electricity, Dubai, from 2 to 5 of March. The HPS generator set is based on an integrated management system to centralize through the HIMOINSA CEM7V digital control panel all the components; variable speed engine, alternator, battery and renewable energy connections.

    The generator sets HPS 1500DCV and HPS 3000DCV are hybrid generator sets with a variable speed engine which guarantees fuel consumption savings of 40% compared to a standard generator set and 20% when compared with other fixed speed, hybrid gensets currently available on the market.

    This high efficiency is achieved through the development of technology which is 100% HIMOINSA. The Power Solution Engineering team have designed an Integrated Management System, through the development of an electronic device.

    The CEM7V control unit is the heart of the Hybrid Power Solution. AS a RESULT of the development of a 100% HIMOINSA electronic device, designed to monitor and protect the generator, battery, charging system and renewable energy connections. It monitors the engine’s rpm, the electronic voltage regulator (AVR) of the alternator, for direct battery charging, as well as independently monitoring each battery, its charge status and temperature.

    The variable speed Yanmar engine has been redesigned to operate in a wide speed range of 1200 to 3000 rpm, to generate the power demanded while fully optimising consumption

    In comparison with other hybrid gensets, the HPS 1500DCV and 3000DCV generator sets ensure a reduction in consumption of 20%, even when the genset is operating at low power. “Normally all equipment operating at 30% below its maximum power uses a fictitious dummy load resistance to prevent damage. We have designed equipment that can operate at 30% below its maximum power without any problem”, added Agustín Rodrigo.

    Without doubt, it has been perfectly designed to meet the needs of the telecommunications sector, optimising resources, reducing consumption, ensuring an Eco-friendly system, extending maintenance periods and lengthening the useful life of the product. 

    One of the added value of this engine is that it extends MAINTENANCE periods of up to 1000H. Hybrid Power Solution generator sets can operate efficiently without any kind of maintenance for four months.

    The HIMOINSA DC alternator incorporates an electronic voltage regulator -AVR- that allows direct battery charging. In this way, the device has an external charger, thereby improving system efficiency.

    This variable speed, hybrid genset provides 48V DC for telecommunications applications. In addition, the equipment has a 230 AC auxiliary power output

    Hybrid Power Solution generator sets advantages


    HYBRID POWER SOLUTION generator sets extend the life of the genset for a long time because the operating periods are divided into 8 hours of generator set operation and 16 hours of battery power every 24 hours. This means that the useful life of the equipment has been tripled. 


    We have designed hybrid generator sets that can operate efficiently without any kind of maintenance for four months. Whereas a standard genset with the same 1000H maintenance KIT requires maintenance every month, our HYBRID POWER SOLUTION only requires one every four months. 


    Given that the Base Transceiver Station are located in remote places which are difficult to access, we have developed autonomous equipment that does not require constant monitoring, facilitating the work of Telecommunications management companies and significantly reducing OPEX (Operating Expense), cost of operation and maintenance of equipment. HPS generators need refueling only once in a period of 40 days, while other equipments would need to refuel up to 3 times more, in the same period of time


    HIMOINSA has designed a fleet manager which lets you know the status of the fleet of generator sets at all times via mobile phone or Internet. In this way, equipment operation, fuel levels, the need for refuelling and the general condition of the equipment is controlled without having to travel to remote places.

    Generating energy for the worldwide telecommunications network

    HIMOINSA has extensive experience in the telecommunications sector, having supplied equipment with power outputs ranging from 8 to 45KVA in the international market to well-known companies in the sector such as Orange, Claro, Viva, Telefónica, Vodafone, China Telecom, Sri Lanka Telecom, Indosat, China Unicom, Camusat, Ericcson, France Telecom, Tunisiana, Airtel… Recently, HIMOINSA has signed agreements with telecommunications company Ooredoo to supply generator sets for their projects in Indonesia, Kuwait, Algeria, Iraq, Maldives, Myanmar, Omar, Palestine, Qatar and Tunisia, among others.



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