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    The Faroe Islands provided with a HIMOINSA 5MW Stand-by power plant to back up electricity supply

    HIMOINSA supplied two medium voltage generator sets HMW 3030 kVA T5 6.6 kV to one of the heavy fuel oil plants managed by SEV, the main producer and distributor of energy on the islands.
    CASE STUDY | 2X2664 kW | 5 MW  | Medium Voltage Project | Faroe Islands


    Location: Faroe Islands

    Installed Power: 2X2664 kW = 5MW stand-by power 

    Generator sets: 2 HMW-3030 T5 units

    Special configuration: The medium voltage alternator incorporates current and voltage transformers for direct reading from the control unit. Medium voltage switchgear for protection and measurement. Special cooling system. 

    Distributor: KJ-HYDRAULIK

    HIMOINSA has developed a Medium Voltage project to generate standby power for one of the heavy fuel oil plants that produce electricity for the residential and business area of the Faroe Islands.

    Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Faroe Islands are composed of 18 islands with a total of 50,000 inhabitants. The average energy consumption on the islands is 240,000 MWh, with the available power generated reaching 260,000 MWh, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration – Independent Statistics & Analysis.

    To ensure a constant, failure-proof power supply, SEV, the Faroe Islands electric utility company, has installed at its Sund plant two HIMOINSA medium voltage generator sets, model HMW-3030 T5 6.6kV. The sets have been supplied through HIMOINSA's distributor on the Faroe Islands, KJ-HYDRAULIK.

    The Sund Plant has five engines fuelled by heavy fuel oil which generate energy to supply power an area of the industrial and residential activity on the islands.

     “The function of the HIMOINSA generator sets is to guarantee energy supply in the event of a network failure”, said Francisco Inglés, Sales Regional Manager at the company. 

    How does the equipment work?

    The generator sets, which are connected in parallel with the grid, deliver an output of 3000 kVA at 6.6 kV of voltage. They are equipped with an engine, which performs at the rated conditions within 12 seconds after a power failure occurs. This quick response, provides emergency power assistance to prevent any outages in the residential area of the islands, but also ensures power continuity to the fish processing industry, one of the main industrial activities of the Faroes Islands.

    The system is designed to cover sudden load increase –peak shaving - at those times when demand exceeds the power provided by the heavy fuel oil plant which is the primary resource of the generating station. This is where the function of the generator sets assumes an important role, being able to offer an additional 5MW.

    Another mode of operation is that of exportation. From the SCADA control unit, connected to the gensets via a MODBUS protocol, it is possible to select the power to be exported to the network, which can increase the available power in the grid, regardless of the operation mode set by default.  The generator sets have a DEIF AS5 AGC4 control unit and a medium voltage alternator provided with the current and voltage transformers for direct reading from the control unit. The equipment includes medium voltage switchgear for protection and measurement to obtain the reference voltage and current from the common power busbar for synchronisation with the mains.

    Seawater cooling system
    One of the peculiarities of the project has been to design a seawater cooling system. Due to the proximity to the sea, the gensets do not require a radiator, since it is therefore possible to harness sea water for cooling the generator sets. “The Sund Plant already had a seawater pipe system nearby, so that connection has been reused to supply the cooling system for the two generator sets installed”, said Agustín Rodrigo, Network Development Manager at HIMOINSA. This has been one of the adaptations that the HIMOINSA distributor, KJ-HYDRAULIK, has taken into account in the project development process.

    Technical specifications

    Alternator: The medium voltage alternator incorporates current and voltage transformers for direct reading from the control unit.

    Medium Voltage Switchgear: Medium voltage switchgear for protection and measurement to obtain the reference voltage and current of the common busbar for synchronisation with the mains.

    Special cooling systemThe cooling system uses water from the sea so that the generator sets do not require a radiator.

    The HIMOINSA team with its distributor at the Faroe Islands, KJ-HYDRAULIK, and members of SEV



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