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    Multinational energy company HIMOINSA has delivered 29 generator sets to provide standby power to various sections of the railway line that crosses the coastal and desert areas of Saudi Arabia, between Mecca and Medina.

    The generator set manufacturer has installed 29 of the 38 generators that the Spanish company Cobra has requested so far. Cobra is one of the 12 companies that make up the Spanish consortium responsible for implementing the high-speed project in Saudi Arabia.

    The high-speed rail corridor will serve 166,000 passengers daily and will travel 444 km in less than three hours. The project which will be completed in late 2016, will connect the most important country in the Gulf region. The railway line will permit speeds of up to 320 km/h and will offer a high degree of comfort to travellerss.

    The Cobra Group, a leading company in terms of the creation of industrial infrastructure that has an international presence, has trusted in the quality of HIMOINSA generator sets on numerous occasions, choosing them as a safe bet to power many of its industrial and international construction projects.

    In this case, HIMOINSA has installed 29 generator sets on several sections of the railway line, using models HFW 155 T6, HFW 200 T6, HFW 250 T6 and HFW 290 T6; These are generators with Iveco engines that operate in stanby power to cover any network failure and to ensure continuity in the functioning of all the services of the stations and stopping points on the rail route. 

    The delivery of equipment is not over yet, as initially 38 generator sets were requested, including several units of the HMW 405 T6 model, generator sets with MTU engines that will be delivered progressively as required by the project. 

    In late 2014, several technical professionals from Cobra Group attended quality tests conducted in HIMOINSA factories in Spain and found that the equipment met the demands requested by both Cobra engineers as well as the technical team from the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Transportation, the end user of this equipment. “There were two main reasons why we chose HIMOINSA generator sets. On the one hand the success we've experienced with HIMOINSA on many other projects; and on the other hand, the fact that HIMOINSA can guarantee a local service in Saudi Arabia through the company's regional technical/sales team”, said Cobra Group sources said during their visit, referring to HIMOINSA's subsidiary in the Middle East, located in Dubai and which has a commercial technical team serving the entire region and offering personalized quality service.


    Extreme weather conditions. 

    In addition to responding to the mass movement of Muslim pilgrims who arrive here every year from different parts of the world, this project is considered of extreme importance due to the climatic and geological conditions that require high quality equipment. A journey of over 440 kilometres with stretches of dunes, sand and strong winds which mean that the generator sets must be designed to withstand intense sandstorms and very high temperatures.

    HIMOINSA generator sets can endure temperatures of 50º and are designed to operate in dusty environments, factors that can damage the generator filters and therefore affect operation. As a result, this type of equipment for desert areas have been designed with tropicalized radiators that have double varnish and anti-condensation resistance. The alternator air filters are specially treated to prevent dust from entering and to ensure uninterrupted power supply.



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