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    Encouraging figures for HIMOINSA in 2015

    HIMOINSA's figures for year end 2015 are very encouraging: increased turnover, more employees and a greater international presence.

    The manufacturer of generators and power generation systems grew turnover by 15% in 2015. One of the company's main markets was Europe, where sales 

    accounted for 37% of turnover, followed by America, with 26%, and Asia-Pacific, with 17%. Africa accounted for 10% of sales, as did the Middle East, also accounting for 10% of annual turnover.

    HIMOINSA is set to build on these figures and markets throughout 2016, supported by a solid network of production centres and sales offices, and a distribution and service network in over 130 countries. 

    The company is still hard at work developing new power generation systems and is designing new diesel and gas generators, as well as lighting towers, which will appear on the market throughout 2016. Some will appear at major international trade fairs, such as Bauma in Germany, and Middle East Electricity in Dubai.

     The company also increased staff numbers in 2015. As many as 15 new staff were taken on at HIMOINSA's headquarters in Murcia, Spain. According to the company's executive director, Lydia Gracia, the company has seen major worldwide growth and the number of employees grew by over 11% over the last four years. 

    “At the end of 2012 we had 891 employees worldwide and according to the figures for December 2015 we now have 991 employees", which means that in the last four years HIMOINSA has taken on 100 new staff in the company's ten sales offices and nine production centres across five continents. 

    In this regard, HIMOINSA recently signed an agreement with UPCT to take on 20 Industrial Engineering students over the next five years, who will work in HIMOINSA's production centres in Spain, China, India, the United States, France, Brazil and Argentina. These announcements were made during the visit to HIMOINSA's headquarters by the President of the Autonomous Community of Murcia, Pedro Antonio Sánchez, who made special mention of the training and support for talent that the company has provided in recent years.

     The head of the Regional Executive said that to build a competitive and solid economy with great potential for growth, companies like HIMOINSA, which devote their efforts to training their employees and to innovation, need to be supported. 



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