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    HIMOINSA will train and take on 20 Industrial Engineering students from UPCT over the next five years

    HIMOINSA has signed an agreement with the Technical University of Cartagena (UPCT) to launch a training and recruitment programme this year, under which 20 students from the School of Industrial Engineering will be taken on over the next five years, at a rate of four students per year.

    The company will select students in the last years of their industrial engineering degrees at UPCT and gradually train them through an initial period of one year's in-house training, intensive English training over the summer and an employment contract for at least five years to work in the Murcia region or at one of the company's foreign sites.

    For the first two years of the contract, UPCT students will continue their internal training at HIMOINSA's headquarters in San Javier, and from the third year they will be able to transfer to one of the company's factories in France, the United States, Argentina, Brazil, India and China or subsidiaries in Portugal, the United Kingdom, 

    Germany, Poland, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Argentina, Angola, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore.

    The agreement between HIMOINSA and UPCT was signed by Francisco Gracia, the company's Executive Director, and José Antonio Franco Leemhuis, Chancellor of the Technical University.  Also present at the signing were Manuel Sánchez Bada, Engineering Director; Marta Garrido, Human Resources Director; Francisco Martínez, Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs; Antonio Guillamón, Head of the Technical School of Industrial Engineering, and Patricio Franco, Deputy Head of Institutional and Business Relations.

    “We are a global company and we are driven by engineering, which is why we are promoting the recruitment of trained, knowledgeable professionals. HIMOINSA's commitment to UPCT students is testament to how pleased we are with their excellent level of education in industrial engineering,” said Francisco Gracia, the company's Executive Director. 

    “Our students are some of best trained in the world, as proved by our dual degree programme agreement with the University of Stuttgart, something which no other Spanish university has,” added Antonio Guillamón, Head of the Technical School of Industrial Engineering.

    “HIMOINSA is a very important company for our region's economy and for Spain as a whole, as a company firmly committed to growing internationally with hi-tech products and services, and a company we have been working with for years, through our research groups and training undertaken by our students,” concluded José Antonio Franco, Chancellor of the Technical University of Cartagena.

    From student to employee

    Several students from UPCT are already part of HIMOINSA's team; students who started their training in the company and who are now working in the Engineering department. Three such students are Celso Sánchez, who is working in the United States, as well as Juan Antonio Ros and Luis Moya, who are currently employed at San Javier. “The training process is very progressive, making everything easy,” says Ros, a 26-year-old industrial engineer, who did his training and Final Project at the company, where he joined the staff as soon as he graduated. Employee Luis Moya, 24, who is part of the UPCT Moto team, is yet to graduate. “We appreciate the opportunity to experience different stages of the production process. I am part of the Quality department and this gives me the chance to work with Production, test benches, Engineering, Prototypes and many other departments of the company,” he says.

    Manuel Sánchez Bada, Engineering Director, says that two Mechanical Engineering students are required for the first year of the programme along with another two Electrical Engineering students. The student profiles may change in future years.

    Headquartered in San Javier, Murcia, HIMOINSA is global corporation that designs, manufactures and distributes power generation equipment. HIMOINSA Engineering Solutions is a concept that defines the company's work and involves designing and adapting power generation products to each market, backed by comprehensive technical know-how to tailor generator sets to each project's specific requirements.



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