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    Stand-by power at one of the leading processed meat producers in Poland

    The project required the generator sets to be positioned in line, which meant it was necessary to modify the power and fuel connections of one of the units to optimise the installation, not affect the performance of the equipment and to reduce costs.

    HIMOINSA supplied two HTW-1260 T5 generators in 20-foot containers, each capable of supplying up to 1350kVA of stand-by power. If there is a failure in the mains supply, both generator sets start up in parallel to guarantee the supply to the JBB factory, a leading processed meat producer, based in Łyse in north-west Poland. 

    The characteristics of the installation determined the project as a whole. To adapt the generator sets to the narrow concrete base on which they had to be placed and to make the generator sets' connections to the electrical switchboard and the fuel tank as simple as possible, 

    HIMOINSA moved the control panel and the power and fuel connections of one of the generators. This means the generator sets are symmetrical, with connections on the same side, thus simplifying the installation and guaranteeing optimal performance of the equipment. 

    The HIMOINSA engineering team designed the project so that the air outlets of the first generator set do not affect the operation of the second, thus avoiding problems of overheating, reduced power, greater fuel consumption and even engine damage. 

    HIMOINSA plans to deliver two more generator sets with the same characteristics. In total, the JBB meat company already has eight HIMOINSA generator sets, supplying the whole Polish factory with 8.6MW of stand-by power.



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