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    HBOX+ M5

    Height (meters)
    210.000 lm
    360º manual


    Stage V

    HBOX+ M5
    • Series: HBOX+
    • Model: HBOX+ M5
    • Power (PRP): 2.8
    • Voltage: 230
    • Maximum dimensions (in working position): 1895 x 1810 x 8300
    • Minimum dimensions (in transport mode): 1190 x 1150 x 2435
    • Weight: 960 Kg
    • Tank capacity: 220
    • Autonomy: 400
    • Model: YANMAR 2TNV70WHR
    • Frequency: 50 Hz
    • R.P.M.: 1.500
    • Engine type: 4-stroke diesel
    • Type of injection: Indirect
    • Type of aspiration: Natural
    • Cylinders, number and arrangement:
    • Diameter x Stroke: 70 x 74
    • Total Displacement: 0.57
    • Cooling System: Coolant
    • Engine oil specifications: SAE 3 class 10W30 / API grade CD,CF
    • Fuel consumption (Lights only):
    • Controller: Mechanical
    • Air filter: Dry
    • Poles: 4
    • Type of connection (standard): Series
    • Coupling Type: S-5 7"1/2
    • Degree of protection insulation: H class
    • Degree of mechanical protection (according to IEC-34-5): IP21
    • Excitation System: Self-regulated brushless
    • Voltage regulator: Capacitor
    • Support type: Single bearing
    • Coupling system: Flexible disc
    • Type of coating: Standard (Vacuum impregnation)
    • Mast type: Hydraulic
    • Mast sections: 8
    • Rotation: 360º manual
    • Double security lock: Standard
    • Lamps / spotlights: 4 x 350 W
    • lamps type: LED
    • Total lumens: 4 x 52.500 = 210.000 lm
    • Remaining power: 1,4
    • Canopy: Standard
    • Auxiliary sockets: 2 x 16 Amp
    • Lifting hook: Standard
    • Chassis Traction Kit:
    • Light indicator:
    • Wheels:
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