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    How do HIMOINSA canopies withstand heavy snowfalls and storms?

    In the event of extreme weather conditions involving rain and snow, the design and composition of HIMOINSA canopies reduce water ingress to the minimum.

    Sealed with high-density polyurethane

    All HIMOINSA generator set canopies feature a new, heavy-duty external seal, made from high-density polyurethane, on all gaskets. This single-component, elastic and high-quality sealant is extremely resistant to ultraviolet radiation, numerous chemical products and extreme temperatures of between -30º and 90º Celsius.

    HIMOINSA has applied this sealant as part of an improvement process designed to ensure that in conditions involving heavy storms and snowfalls, the risk of any water ingress into the interior of the genset is significantly reduced.

    The air intake vent on certain models may also feature a polyester based foam (FireFlex) which stops water from reaching the bodywork and also reduces the noise emission levels of the genset.

    In addition, the canopies of HIMOINSA gensets may include optional anti-rain slats on the radiator to ensure that when the machine is not working, any water that may get in through the air outlet of the radiator does not leak onto the engine. This option may affect the operating temperature and is recommended in places with an ATB lower than 35 degrees Celsius.

    Our conical lifting hook gaskets and backup gaskets fit together perfectly to stop water getting in when the genset is working due to the backpressure exerted on the lifting hook.

    "This is something the market is demanding. Our canopies meet the regulatory requirements which impose a minimum degree of protection against the harmful effects of IPX3M water", Esther González, the Quality Manager of HIMOINSA tells us. "However, this certification only refers to certain environmental conditions. HIMOINSA has gone one step further and we have introduced improvements to the design and to the sealing that minimize water ingress even in extreme weather conditions such as snow or storms. This means our gensets are ready to work in perfect conditions in countries with persistent rain."



    HIMOINSA canopies and containers may include optional anti-rain protection around the frames of the doors of the power board and the side maintenance door. This stops water from getting into the engine compartment through the door frames.


    To guarantee the watertightness of the roof of the genset, a metal radiator filler cap can be added with a seal made from insulating material to provide better sealing of the cap.


    As a safety measure (for containers that expel water from the roof and do no not have a fuel tank in that zone), HIMOINSA offers a drainage system that can be placed below the radiator to channel the water through the drainage systems of the container.


    This grid is fitted to the front of the radiator. Its slats remain closed while the machine is not working. When it starts working, the force of the air lifts the slats, thereby allowing the air to get out.


    Located on the air inlets of the pedestrian doors of the container, the suction grid prevents any water getting in as the result of changes in pressure when the genset is working.

    All HIMOINSA containers include a dual system of slats as standard on the rear and side air inlets, designed to collect, channel and expel water from the container. 

    For generator sets in 10, 20 or 40-foot containers, HIMOINSA offers a kit of optional elements that includes different accessories designed to minimize water ingress in regions with adverse weather conditions. 



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