HIMOINSA launches a new series of generator sets with HIMOINSA alternator, engine, canopy and controller

    HIMOINSA a multinational company specializing in the manufacture of generator sets, has released the HHW series on the market: Seven soundproofed, open generator models, with power output ranging between 20 and 100 kVA at 50Hz and between30 and 120 kVa at 60Hz. The components, engine, alternator, canopy and controller of the generator sets integrating the new HHW series have been integrally manufactured by HIMOINSA

    HIMOINSA a multinational company specializing in the manufacture of generator sets, has released the HHW series on the market: Seven soundproofed, open generator models, with power output ranging between 20 and 100 kVA at 50Hz and between30 and 120 kVa at 60Hz. The components, engine, alternator, canopy and controller of the generator sets integrating the new HHW series have been integrally manufactured by HIMOINSA. The new generator models, powered by the HIMOINSA 4HD engine, feature low noise emissions, optimal fuel economy and excellent throughput, productivity and reliability levels.

    The generator sets comprising the HHW series are being marketed with three types of canopy to choose from: B10, C10 AND D10. The three canopies feature inner have been fitted out with an inner lining of mineral wool - an insulation material with excellent soundproofing and thermal qualities. The hood is coated with a sound-absorbing, flame-retardant, category M0 material, ,  the same material used  in the canopies of all HIMOINSA generator sets, making them some of the most effectively sound-proofed generators on the market. Capable of bearing extreme weather conditions, these generators comply with IP23 protection grade requirements and have been water tested according to EU regulations (IEC60529) and UL standards.  

    The HHW series generator sets with B10, C10 and D10 canopies may be stacked and transported in containers in groups of 24, 11 and 8 units respectively. 

    Seven engine models have been developed (from 1500 to 1800 rpm) with a power output yielding between 20 and 95 KWm. The HIMOINSA alternator has an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) which has been designed to exceed international standards, while its special resin coating means it can be used in any operating conditions.  Its Busbar connection system let  six of them be moved to configure all the voltage/frequency ratios required in international markets.

    The HHW series features the HIMOINSA M7X controller, with CEA7 and CEC7 controllers optional. The CEC7 controller monitors and controls the network. Linked by CAN to the CEA7 controller, it provides a fully independent emergency system. The CEA7 controller monitors and controls the set and the network With a single controller, HIMOINSA offers and automatic system that manages the generator set, while monitoring and controling switching,thus ensuring a fully automatic emergency system. 

    HHW ‘Powered by HIMOINSA’ | 100% HIMOINSA components


    The HIMOINSA engine is fitted with air filters with a dirt indicator for dusty environments, and a system for cooling to 50 degrees for the 50-60Hz sets.


    The HIMOINSA alternator provides maximum protection irrespective of load, stability, reliability and resistance during power generation.


    The HIMOINSA canopies are lined with volcanic rock wool offering excellent soundproofing and thermal insulation. Their careful design and rounded corners make them a unique product on the market.


    The HIMOINSA control panels offer flexible configuration, with multi-language displays and high-quality components.

    The 4HD is a non-emissioned engine which does not comply with applicable gas emission level regulations. Therefore, HHW series generator sets are intended for countries and markets where emissions regulations are not as stringent as in the US and Europe. In the international market, the HHW series has been designed to offer an efficient standby power supply , ideal for deployments in sectors such as telecommunications, sales and residential units, the industrial sector … 

    Fast and efficient standby generators

    HIMOINSA manufactures external transfer panels (automatic transfer switches, ATS) to switch power supply between the generator set and the grid. This part has been designed with a comprehensive electrical mechanism offering fast power switch-over times for the standby market. The HIMOINSA  ATS is fitted with the CEC7 controller unit which monitors the grid and detects any outages. Once a failure has been detected, the controller sends a signal through a volt-free contact to the M7X controller installed in the diesel generator to start it up and generate power. 

    The switch over is performed using a motorised switch for amperages equal to or higher than 400 A, while a pair of electrically and mechanically held contactors are used when amperages are below 400 A.

    HIMOINSA transfer panels are fitted with a manual emergency kill switch and have been manufactured to comply with current quality standards. HIMOINSA ATS have an amperage range of 25 to 3200 A and boast an IP55 protection rating which guarantees protection against the ingress of foreign bodies or water and contact.

    HIMOINSA guarantees a full service to clients through its international vendor network. The launch of the new HHW series offers the guarantee of an extensive technical support network of qualified professionals and authorised technical centres in five continents, capable of ensuring both the rendering of technical services and of supplying spare parts. HIMOINSA’s Spare Parts department has rolled out a 24/7  online system, capable of processing spare parts purchases 24 hours a day. 

    HIMOINSA is a multinational specialising in the manufacture of gensets and lighting towers. Thanks to an effective internationalisation policy, the company is now present in over 100 countries. Its production centres, located in China, India, Spain, France, Brazil and the US, are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. These highly productive facilities, along with its commercial subsidiaries in Mexico, Panama, Argenitna, Portugal, Angola, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, the UAE and Singapore, enable HIMOINSA to operate throughout the five continents.

    One of HIMOINSA’s main strengths is that it is a vertical manufacturer. We can guarantee the reliability and excellent performance of our products because we manufacture all of the components in the genset. As a result HIMOINSA is able to react more swiftly and flexibly to market demand. HIMOINSA is currently the largest manufacturer of gensets in Spain, the third-ranked in Europe and one of the top five in the world.

    HIMOINSA and FAW sign an industrial agreement to supply G-Drive engines for HHW series generator sets

    HIMOINSA has reached an industrial agreement with one of the leading international automotive companies, FAW Group, for the supply of G-Drive engines for the new HHW series generator sets.

    FAW has more than 60 years’ experience in the manufacture of diesel engines for automobiles, agricultural engines, marine engines, and diesel engines for generator sets. The quality of its products and proven track record in this business are the reasons why HIMOINSA decided to forge an agreement with FAW to manufacture the HIMOINSA 4HD engine, which will power the new HHW generator sets.

    As a result of the agreement, seven 1500 or 1800 rpm engine models have been developed, with a power output ranging between 20 and 95 KWm. The HIMOINSA engineering team has analysed the performance of the FAW engine and customised the G-Drive engine to suit the particularities of the company’s generator set, yielding excellent levels of performance, productivity and reliability. The 4HD engine does not meet gas emission requirements, produces low noise emissions, optimal fuel economy and is sold at a competitive price.

    The HIMOINSA engineering team has developed a special cooling package to allow the engine to operate at maximum performance levels. It is equipped with air filters, with pollution indicator, for dusty environments and a control system for electronic regulation and low maintenance costs.

    HIMOINSA’s international distribution network is responsible for the service and supply of spare parts for the 4HD engine. 



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