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    HBOX+, the new HIMOINSA lighting tower. Efficiency, connectivity and safety

    Low fuel consumption, long running time and generous 600-hour service intervals. The new model incorporates innovative connectivity features and a two-cylinder Yanmar engine that ensures competitive fuel consumption levels.
      HBOX + | One of the most competitive lighting towers on the market

    HIMOINSA is working on the development of a complete portfolio of new lighting towers. The first to be released is the HBOX+, with a Stage V engine, manufactured in Europe and designed primarily for the European rental market. A new design that represents a veritable revolution in terms of connectivity, efficiency and safety.


    Work with peace of mind thanks to 'SafetyMast'.

    The new HBOX+ incorporates among all its competitive advantages, the 'SafetyMast' functionality, an electronic control device that can detect obstacles, impacts and high wind speeds and can regulate the height of the mast autonomously depending on the strength of the wind.

    With a light capacity of 210,000 lumens, the HBOX+ incorporates 4 x 350W LED spotlights (50X50 SMD Chip Technology). Its hydraulic mast reaches a height of 8.3 metres and can rotate through 360°, thus guaranteeing optimum light coverage. Also incorporates a Led Dimming Control that guarantees the regulation of the intensity of the light, due to a progressive start-up with dimming, thus avoiding glare, mainly when the lighting towers are operating in road construction.

    “When we set out to develop the new HBOX+, our main goal was to satisfy the needs of the user, the owner and the maintenance technician by offering them simplicity, safety, low operating costs and a high level of connectivity so that they could control the device from a smart phone, tablet or PC to check key indicators such as fuel level, hours of service or even manage the operation of the machine”
     explains Miguel Ángel Ruiz, Global Engineering and Development Head at HIMOINSA.

    Discover all its features in terms of efficiency, durability, transportability...

    The CET8 controller that HIMOINSA has designed and manufactured offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface to ensure simple and reliable use of the machine. It includes an automatic working mode (start/stop), engine Run/Stop, mast Up/Down and lamps On/Off, as well as a reverse mode when the stop is activated. The control system has been developed with an optimal user experience in mind, which is why the new CET8 controller comes with a joystick to raise and lower the mast.

    As an option, It also includes a stability control system that does not allow the machine to run until it is perfectly level. There are a wide range of possibilities for interaction between the user and the controller, but it all depends on the user's level of expertise, which is why HIMOINSA has included all types of users in its design to guarantee accessible and correct operation in every case.The new HIMOINSA lighting towers include CAN BUS, which means it can connect to the C2Cloud fleet management module to guarantee remote control of the units, as well as future hybrid and 100% electric variants.

    Accessibility and easy maintenance

    All the sides have wide doors, even the roof, the upper part of the unit. The frame is easily removable for cleaning and maintenance and the interior contains emergency LED lights in case the equipment is switched off.

    Its design and the quality of its components (Yanmar engine, Meccalte alternator...) make the HBOX+ a quality lighting tower, called to lead its market segment. Click here and check the brochure.



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