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    More than 1000 HIMOINSA generator sets, operating in Saudi Arabia projects

    In the past 19 months, HIMOINSA generator sets represent a 7% share of the total market for generator sets in Saudi Arabia.

    Saudi Arabia represents one of HIMOINSA's main Middle East markets. According to recent reports published by TechSci Research, the diesel generator set market in Saudi Arabia will reach $709 million by 2020. 

    In addition to these positive market forecasts are the recent sales figures for the company in Saudi Arabia. In the past 19 months, HIMOINSA generator sets represent a 7% share of the total market for generator sets in Saudi Arabia. 

    “So far this year, from January to August 2015, 7 out of every 10 lighting towers sold by HIMOINSA in the Middle East have been sent to projects in Saudi Arabia”, 

    said Keith Webb, General Manager for HIMOINSA Middle East, who adds that over 1,000 generators are currently operating in projects in the country.

    Construction on the bridge linking Bahrain with Saudi Arabia, as well as the construction of the Makkah-Medina high speed railway, have employed HIMOINSA generator sets. Most of the generators sold in Saudi Arabia have been distributed to rental companies, as well as lighting towers, increasingly requested by rental firms. In the past two years, HIMOINSA Middle East has sold more than 600 lighting towers in the region; 30% of them in Saudi Arabia.

    HIMOINSA works in the region through its distributor FAMCO, which began to made significant inroads into the Saudi Arabia market in 2013. “In the past 19 months, 33% of sales of HIMOINSA generator sets in the Middle East correspond to Saudi Arabia", says Guillermo Elum, Sales and Marketing Director in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Europe, who describes Saudi Arabia as "one of our major markets in the region.” While the construction sector has been one of the most important for HIMOINSA, the company is now focusing its attention on the telecommunications, residential and industrial sectors. Areas for which the company offers innovative energy solutions.

    The figures speak for themselves. By 2020 it is expected that 429 billion kilowatts will be generated in Saudi Arabia. During 2014, the residential sector alone represented 30% of the market of diesel generator sets in Saudi Arabia, according to TechSci Research, in its report which highlights the North, Centre and West areas of Saudi Arabia as those with the greatest demand for generator sets. These areas alone represented 56% of the diesel generators market in Saudi Arabia in 2014.

    These figures were presented during a press conference held at the HIMOINSA Headquarters, Spain, coinciding with the visit of the editors from major newspapers in Saudi Arabia. Accompanied by Muhammad Ajanji, Marketing Manager of FAMCO International, the journalists visited three factories that HIMOINSA has in Spain and also held a meeting with the company's management team. HIMOINSA Executive Director, Lydia Gracia, stated that the key to the success of the company in Saudi Arabia lies in the flexibility of the company when it comes to adapting the product to the needs of a special market, among others, due to its extreme weather conditions.

    “We are prepared to work in extreme conditions, withstanding temperatures of 50ºC. Desert areas require special working conditions, as at certain times of the day it can be humid but always dusty, factors that could damage the genset's filters and therefore affect its operation”, said Lydia Gracia.

    HIMOINSA generator sets headed for desert climates are designed with tropicalized radiators with double varnish and anti-condensation resistance. 

    The alternator air filters are specially treated to prevent dust from entering and to ensure uninterrupted power supply.  Lydia Gracia, who spoke about the recent Alliance between HIMOINSA and YANMAR, in April 2015, emphasized the competitive advantages that will be gained from this merger in the Saudi Arabia market and the rest of the world. “Our added value over the competition is that we are a vertical manufacturer and customise the product when the market requires it”. Also highlighted was the role of FAMCO, as official distributor in KSA, Qatar and UAE, "which allows us to better understand the market, be close to the client and ensure a fast and efficient service”.



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