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    Gas generator sets, Stage V compliant, for the rental sector

    Generator sets from 30 to 110 kVA that can operate both at 50 and 60 Hz. These are in fact the first gas gensets in the market with LPG tank integrated.

    Gas generators with a power range of 30 to 110 kVA operating on both LPG and Natural Gas and 50 Hz or 60 Hz. HIMOINSA is the only manufacturer in the world to use this patented solution, integrating LPG tank in the genset chassis, in a similar way to diesel generators.

    HIMOINSA offers the European market gas generator sets compliant with Stage V which guarantee identical electrical characteristics to diesel Stage V generator sets but that reducing operating costs and emissions (noise and pollution) drastically.

    These generators incorporate a simple three-way catalyst to reduce pollutant emissions, which, unlike systems with urea and particulate filters, do not require maintenance. Thanks to their simplicity, economy and robustness they are therefore an increasingly interesting option for the rental market in Europe.

    The rental gas generators offers as an optional an approved trailer for easy transport. Mobile units, with the capacity to refuel at a service station with an LPG pump. The LPG built-in tanks are homologated for on-road use and have been placed on a separate chassis as an additional safety feature having special accident resistance characteristics.

    Running time and Versatility. 

    LPG tanks integrated

    Gas-powered rental generator setsrange incorporates internal LPG storage with a capacity of 480 litres. This guarantees an autonomy of up to 45 hours without refuelling, depending on the model, working at 70% of the load.

    There are three different fuel supply options: integrated tanks or external LPG or NG supply. From the fuel selector, the user can choose the power supply with which he wants to operate the equipment. Likewise, there is the option of a two-frequency 50Hz/60Hz selector.

    Should greater running time be required, the models in this series feature an external fuel supply socket that can be connected to an external propane tank . For extended periods of use, these generators can be connected to natural gas grid. Check with HIMOINSA the different fuel supply solutions developed with companies such as REPSOL in Spain or CALOR in the UK.

    These built-in tanks are approved for LPG vehicles and have been housed in an independent chassis as a security measure. These tanks are identical to those installed in the load compartment of LPG vehicles and have special accident-resistant features. This chassis also eases maintenance tasks as it is a completely independent block. In any case, HIMOINSA generator set tanks only need to be serviced every 10 years.

    How has the safety of the gas gensets been guaranteed?

    HIMOINSA has added gas sensors at different points of the genset to detect any leakage in the unlikely event that it happens, and measures have been taken to ensure that any accumulation of gas is led to the outside and does not remain inside the generator. Important companies and consultants in the sector participated in the design of the equipment, guaranteeing the solutions used. Full safety has been the number 1 priority. 

    It also features a certified gas train, an extremely resistant double block chassis which acts as a double wall for the tanks and insulates them from the engine group, visual and acoustic signals, gas exhaust valves in the chassis and extra strategically placed ventilation points.  In all cases, safety locks have been installed on the fuel inlet to prevent manipulation by unauthorised personnel. In addition, as with the rest of HIMOINSA's gas-powered equipment, an ad-hoc protocol is used to guarantee a safe start-up and stop sequence

    Maintenance and Running Costs

    With a standard maintenance interval of every 400 hours, it is possible to reach 1,000 hours by incorporating an optional kit. It is important to point out that in addition to the reduction in operating and maintenance costs, gas-powered rental generators are an even more competitive option thanks to the fact that their engines have a longer life cycle than their diesel allternatives.

    The generators incorporate wider doors and manholes that ease access to all components for proper maintenance and parts replacement. 

    It is important to mention that the noise level is extremely low by industry standards, with levels below 65 dB.



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