The HIMOINSA Racing Team, ready for Dakar 2018

After the incredible third position achieved last year, the team's ambitions stay intact, as they take on the Rally's 40th edition with the highest aspirations.

This year, HIMOINSA has become Dakar´s Official Power Supplier. It´s generator sets will provide energy at the more than ten bivouacs set up along the Rally, which will be held between 6 and 20 January and will cover 9000km across three countries: Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. 

The HIMOINSA Racing Team, sponsored by HIMOINSA and YANMAR, has been presented in Madrid before making their way towards South American territory, with the intention of competing, yet another year, in the World's most impressive race. In barely three years, they have sneaked into the event's Top 3. This season, the team has kept up its fighting spirit and work ethic to, once again, set the sky as the limit. None less than 39 medals and trophies serving testimony of the HIMOINSA Team's success in this race, a true declaration of their intentions. 

Gerard Farrés himself, third in the previous edition, ensures: “This year the ambitions are just as big, and we will go for broke as we always do. I have had a tough year due to my knee injury, but I feel in great shape and we have trained more than ever, improved significantly in navigation, and we are overall much better prepared than last year.”

Miguel Puertas, Team Manager, elaborates on the HIMOINSA Team's numbers for this year: “We have grown and evolved into a more complete structure to tackle the race with even better odds than before. We will have 5 riders on track, 4 KTM 450 Rally and one 450 Enduro Rally Kit for Romero, 1 6x6 truck, 1 4x4 motorhome truck, 1 motorhome, 1 press vehicle and a technical team consisting of 9 people to ensure that nothing goes wrong. We are very well prepared, and, above all, we are a very united team.”

"We are very well prepared, and, above all, we are a very united team", Miguel Puertas.

HIMOINSA, a multinational company dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of power generation systems, became a member of the Dakar Rally in 2005, when it sponsored motorcycle driver Miguel Puertas, the team's current sports director. Back in 2015, a newborn HIMOINSA Team set off on its incredible adventure with Miguel Puertas, Rosa Romero and Antonio Gimeno. One year later, with a renewed structure, the team managed to get all riders across the finish line, placing Gerard Farrés in an amazing 8th place, joined at the finish line by Iván Cervantes, Antonio Gimeno, Dani Oliveras and Rosa Romero. In last year's 2017 edition, the team shows up in full force, lining up with 6 riders (Antonio Ramos joins the team) and ascending to a third place overall, a historical milestone for a private team fighting against the almighty factory structures. This season, Yet another highlight, Marc Solá joins the team to participate in his third Dakar, after crossing the finish line in his two previous participation.