HGO-35 M6 NG Soundproof
    HGO-35 M6 NG Open Skid


    HGO-35 M6 NG

    HGO-35 M6 NG | Monofásicos | Gas Natural | Open Skid

    Powered by FORD

    Alternator STAMFORD

    Power kVA
    Power kW
    Generator set data sheet
    • Engine Specifications 1.800 r.p.m.
    • Rated Output: 36,5kW prp ; 39,9kW standby
    • Manufacturer: FORD
    • Model: CSG637
    • Engine Type: 4-stroke Otto Cycle
    • Injection Type: Carburization
    • Aspiration Type: Natural
    • Bore and Stroke: 94 x 86 mm
    • Displacement: 3,7 L
    • Cooling System: Coolant
    • Lube Oil Specifications: API SJ/SH, SAE 5W-20
    • Compression Ratio: 10,5:1
    • Fuel Consumption ESP: 11,9 Nm3/h
    • Fuel Consumption 100% PRP: 10,9 Nm3/h
    • Fuel Consumption 75 % PRP: 8,8 Nm3/h
    • Fuel Consumption 50 % PRP: 6,7 Nm3/h
    • Fuel Consumption 25 % PRP: 4,6 Nm3/h
    • Total oil capacity including tubes, filters 5,7 L
    • Governor Type Electrical
    • Air Filter Type Dry
    • Natural Gas engine
    • 4-stroke cycle
    • Water-cooled
    • 12V electrical system
    • Dry air filter
    • Radiator with pusher fan
    • HTW sender
    • LOP sender
    • Electronic governor
    • Hot parts protection
    • Moving parts protection
    • Generator: STAMFORD
    • Model: UCI224D
    • Poles: 4
    • Connection type (standard): Double delta
    • Mounting type: S-3 11"1/2
    • Insulation: H class
    • Enclosure (according IEC-34-5): IP23
    • Exciter system: Self-excited, brushless
    • Voltage regulator: A.V.R. (Electronic)
    • Bracket type: Single bearing
    • Coupling system: Flexible disc
    • Coating type: Standard (Vacuum impregnation)
    • Steel chassis
    • Emergency stop button
    • Anti-vibration shock absorbers
    • Steel industrial silencer -15db(A) attenuation
    • Steel residential silencer -35db(A) attenuation. (Optional)
    • - GAS RAMP.
    • Gas filter
    • Double solenoid valve
    • High pressure regulator
    • Primary pressure regulator
    • Low pressure switch
    • Inlet pressure manometer
    • Outlet pressure manometer
    • Special Start/Stop sequence
    • High pressure switch (Optional)
    • Electric control and power panel with measurements devices and control unit (according to necessity and configuration)
    • Adjustable earth leakage protection (time & sensitivity) standard in M5 and AS5, with thermal magnetic protection
    • 3-pole thermal magnetic circuit breaker
    • Battery charger (standard on gensets with automatic control panels)
    • Heating resistor (standard on sets with automatic control panels)
    • Battery charger alternator with ground connection
    • Starter battery/ies installed (cables and bracket included)
    • Ground connection electrical installation with connection ready for ground spike (not supplied)
    • Battery Switch (Optional)
    • Exhaust Gas Flow: 7,1 m3/min
    • Maximum allowed back pressure: 20,32 kPa
    • Intake air flow: 139,8 m3/h
    • Cooling Air Flow: 1,58 m3/s
    • Alternator fan air flow: 0,281 m3/s
    • Recommended battery: 150 Ah
    • Auxiliary Voltage: 12 Vdc
    • Fuel Oil Specifications: Natural Gas
    • Length: 1.950 mm
    • Height: 1.581 mm
    • Width: 900 mm
    • Maximum shipping volume: 2,77 m3
    • Weight with liquids in radiator and sump: 711 kg

    Manual control panel

    M5 CEM 7

    Manual Digital Control Panel

    • CEM 7 Digital Control Unit
    • Generator set control and protection
    • External start-up by voltage free contact
    • Magneto-thermal and differential protection

    Automatic control panel

    AS5 CEM 7

    Semi-automatic Digital Control Panel

    • CEM 7 Digital Control Unit
    • Generator set control and protection
    • Battery charger and preheating resistor
    • CAN LAN connection with CC2 external switching (CEC7 control unit) or external start-up by voltage free contact
    • Magneto-thermal and differential protection

    AS5 CEA 7

    Digital Automatic Control Panel without switching

    • CEA 7 Digital Control Unit
    • Generator set and grid control and protection
    • Battery charger and preheating resistor
    • Management and control of external switching (not included)
    • Magneto-thermal and differential protection

    AC5 CEA 7

    Automatic control panel with switching on external panel

    • CEA7 Digital Control Unit
    • Generator set and grid control
    • Electrically and mechanically interlocked contactors or motorised switchgear (depending on amperage) included in the control panel
    • 7 metre, 16-pin connector genset/cabinet hose included


    LONG (A)19576.77
    WIDTH (B)9035.43
    HIGHT (C)158.162.24



    Weight with liquid in radiator and carter



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