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    Emergency power for the Xiaomo highway, one of China's most important road infrastructure

    More than 30 HIMOINSA generator sets supplying emergency power to multiple facilities along the Xiaomo Highway, one of the most important arteries of commercial traffic linking China with Southeast Asia.

    HIMOINSA, in tandem with its local distributor Chengdu Transcend Power Technology has installed 31 diesel-powered generator sets with a wide power range that runs from 100 to 1,030 kVA at different points of the Xiaomo Highway in the province of Yunnan, considered one of the most important projects ever implemented by China's public and road infrastructure industry.

    These gensets offer stand-by power to ensure that this road infrastructure continues functioning correctly in the face of any failure in the electricity network, which involves communication centres, toll booths, information panels, parking areas, tunnels or other installations that are key to the performance of its activity and maintenance.

    In addition, and given that the region suffers frequent power cuts, the gensets are prepared to operate as a continuous source of power, and to form a solid emergency power network for the residential areas and surrounding commercial buildings.

    The Xiaomo Highway is the final part of the project to connect the Kunming - Mohan motorway and the motorway that joins Kunming to Bangkok, strategically situated to connect China to Myanmar and Thailand. Covering a distance of 185 km, this connection has an important role to play in stimulating land trade along the road that links China to Southeast Asia. 

    The solid experience that HIMOINSA has in the construction industry, together with a team of professionals and resources commensurate with the client's needs, have positioned the brand as one of the most solid alternatives in the Chinese market. A long history of cooperation binds HIMOINSA to Chengdu Transcend Power Technology, which has helped to position HIMOINSA as one of most trusted brands for customers in the region.



    Thanks to the incorporation of pre-heating resistances with a pump, the engine water is maintained at a minimum temperature of 40 ºC which allows the generator sets to start up just a few seconds after any power failure, guaranteeing 100% of the load in a brief space of time. This offers total security in the flow of power supplied to the installations.



    HIMOINSA provides added value to the road infrastructure industry through its Engineering Solutions, a concept that defines the company's work and consists of designing and adapting all its products to each project, based on a profound technical know-how. In this case the units have been configured to be able to combine their operating mode (either continuous or island mode) whenever necessary.



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