1MWe generator set with Yanmar engine for back-up and critical power

    Efficiency and reliability are two words that ideally define HIMOINSA's new product which has been designed for emergency applications, primarily in such mission critical projects as hospitals, data centres, whose power supply must be 100% guaranteed in the event of any grid failure.

    HIMOINSA announces the launch of a new generator set on the market. The product in question is an ‘on-site power’ solution with Yanmar engine offering more than 1MWe of power. The HYW-1260 T5 and the HYW-1095 T6 models provide a power output of 1260 kVA in PRP/DCP and 1350 kVA in ESP at 50Hz, and of 1280 kVA in PRP/DCP and 1364 kVA in ESP at 60Hz. 

    The aim of this development is to satisfy a power demand above 1MWe thanks to a reliable and efficient Yanmar-powered generator set specifically designed for emergency applications. "We have integrated an AY40L-ET engine featuring exclusive Yanmar patented 'ASSIGN' combustion technology which ensures best-in-class fuel consumption with

    a highly reliable mechanical injection system with electronic speed control that reduces noise emissions and minimises impact on the carbon footprint", says Miguel Ángel Ruiz, Global Engineering and Development Head at HIMOINSA.

    Yanmar Engine | Yanmar Company
    Efficiency and reliability. This new model has been designed in both a soundproofed version (in a 20-foot container) and in an open skid version to complete the product portfolio that HIMOINSA is developing together with Yanmar, i.e., generator sets offering more than 1MW of power for PRP, ESP and COP applications. The former of the two, the HRY 1275 D5/6 model, was introduced onto the market a few months ago as a ‘Mobile Power’ solution. Now, two 'On-Site power' solutions for stationary applications, the HYW 1260 T5 and the HYW 1095 T6, join the project.

    "Without a doubt, the key to the success of these new developments lies in the close collaboration between YANMAR and HIMOINSA's Engineering and Development teams, which are working together to achieve the highest levels of quality, reliability and maximum performance of our generator sets". Francisco Gracia, President at HIMOINSA and Global Head of Power Generation at Yanmar Energy System (YES).

    A built-in heat exchanger for turbo cooling that improves shock load response and facilitates remote cooling, providing flexibility in indoor installations.

    An electronic (Woodward) governor that helps maintain a stable frequency and provides an excellent response to shock loads.

    Excellent power-to-displacement ratio. Its power density of 28 Kw/L guarantees maximum power in the smallest possible space.

    HYW 1260 T5 and HYW 1095 T6 generator sets are designed for Data Center projects and their power rating is specified in DCP for a number of reasons:

    01. The AY40L-ET engine guarantees an average load of 100% in continuous power for Data Center applications.

    02. It is prepared to operate with HVO 100 fuel whose vegetable origin greatly reduces the impact of its output on the environment.

    03. It withstands shock loads of up to 100% of its PRP capacity.

    04. While the Yanmar engine guarantees start-up and the reliability of the backup system, it is also possible to include a redundant electric or pneumatic starter.

    05. This generator set guarantees 100% power in ambient temperatures of up to 40º and altitudes of 1000 m.

    Our experience

    The Yanmar AY engine family has positioned itself in the market as a benchmark in terms of efficiency and reliability. Thousands of units have been installed in countless projects in sectors as varied as industrial, commercial, hospitals, telecommunications, pumping stations, etc. The following are just two outstanding examples of where Yanmar engines are working as an emergency power to ensure a continuous power supply in the event of a grid outage:

    Yako Canon I&D Centre

    Supplying emergency power to Canon's research and development centre which designs and develops large format printers and chemicals. 

    Takashimaya Shopping Centre

    Japan's largest shopping complex relies on a generator set with an AY40 engine as back-up power in the event of a grid outage.

    HIMOINSA 1MW gensets with Yanmar engines are currently supplying power to infrastructures all over the world in PRP, DCP, COP and ESP applications. 



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