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    Innovation Award for rental gas-powered generator sets

    HIMOINSA Power Solutions UK received the "Innovation Trail Live" award during the Executive Hire Show held on 5 and 6 February in Coventry (United Kingdom).

    The LPG rental generator sets (HRGO 30, HRGO 40 and HRGO 70) have been distinguished with this award thanks to their high level of innovation and their low emissions and sound level. These are the first generator sets on the market to include an internal LPG tank and they stand out for the competitive advantages they offer, which position them as one of the most innovative and sustainable products on the European rental market.

    The HRGO series is characterised by its low emission levels, low sound level, long 

    running time, low maintenance and operation costs... These generator sets incorporate a three-way catalyst capable of reducing emissions of CO, CO2, and NOx, among other pollutants, and a residential silencer that allows an attenuation of -35 dB.

    In compliance with Stage V emissions regulations for non-road mobile machinery (NRMM), they are also easy to transport and handle and feature a compact and robust design. 



    Clive Dix | Managing Director at HIMOINSA POWER SOLUTIONS LTD.

    "It is a great honour to receive this distinction from the foremost representatives of the UK rental industry" adding, "our main objective has been to offer a range of sustainable products, which have all the necessary features to meet the current needs of the sector”

    The Executive Hire Show is an annual event that brings together the main players in the UK rental market and has become the best platform for presenting the latest product innovations.

    Manuel Aguilera | Head of Gas Business Unit at HIMOINSA

    "Not only have we received this distinction, but we have also had the opportunity to carry out several demonstrations on how the HRGO 40 LPG generator works, which means that attendees have been able to see at first hand this unit’s low noise levels and how safe it is to operate.”

    Some of the innovative features of this product include the incorporation of an internal LPG tank with a capacity of 450 litres, two additional external fuelling options, and a sequential start-stop system. During its design, key aspects have been taken into account such as easy accessibility, transportability, safety and maintenance; wide doors, external fuel intake, optional approved trailer, double-body heavy-duty chassis, multiple strategically located gas and ventilation sensors, safety exhaust valves, acoustic and visual signals, and maintenance every 500 hours (extendable to 1,000 hours with an optional kit).

    In that way, HIMOINSA is committed to the constant development of innovative products that offer maximum guarantees and best possible performance to meet the needs of a market in constant change and evolution.



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