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    Generator sets for oil rigs

    Several HIMOINSA generator models are supplying power to carry out maintenance on oil rigs in the port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in Spain.

    SUIM, the repair company, requires continuous power to work on several vessels, including the repair of the SD11 vessel belonging to ENESCO. This is a 238-metre-long drilling vessel, sailing under the flag of the Marshall Islands and launched in 2013, which is currently undergoing maintenance in the ship repair docks in the Port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

    To that end, HIMOINSA has supplied several generator sets, including the HMW – 1015 model with an MTU engine specially configured to 690V voltage. This genset was originally designed to work at 50Hz but it has been adapted to run at 60Hz, in line with the demands of the project.

    Continuous power and transportability

    In applications such as these, generator sets produce continuous power to supply energy to the cranes and machinery used to repair the oil rigs. These machines are specially designed to work 24 hours a day, with brief interruptions for maintenance and continuous work cycles on the different parts of the vessel.

    The HMW -1015 generator set is a 20-foot container whose design includes mooring and lifting points that make it easy to transport. On this occasion, the genset had to be hoisted onto and then mounted on the drilling rig which required the help of two of the port's cranes. This was quite a complex manoeuvre but thanks to the generator set's lifting hook and its compact design, it was fitted into a reduced space on the vessel without causing any damage to it.



    The Port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in Spain is one of the largest commercial ports in the Atlantic, thanks to its strategic location on the maritime routes between the European, African and American continents.

    Dozens of ships are repaired in its facilities every day, and as a result, the use of generator sets to supply energy to the cranes and machinery employed in the operations is essential. SUIM, HIMOINSA's distributor in Gran Canaria, has been offering its ship repair and maintenance services in its facilities in the Port of La Luz and the Port of Las Palmas since the 1990s. Raimundo Montero Pérez, General Manager of SUIM Alquileres y Suministros S.L. highly appreciates the quality of the HIMOINSA generator sets and assures that "for this kind of projects it is neccessary to work with reliable and infallible generators".





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