HIMOINSA appoints a new dealer in Bangladesh – ACI Motors

ACI Motors is also a dealer of Yanmar. The agreement signing ceremony takes place online in three countries, indicates further collaboration of distribution network reinforcing the HIMOINSA and YANMAR synergies.

8 Sep – As part of HIMOINSA's strategic global expansion plan, the company establishes a partnership with a new dealer in Bangladesh – ACI Motors Limited, to develop its energy business in one of the fastest-growing emerging markets.

As nations worldwide have imposed travel restrictions to curb the spread of Covid'19, the launching ceremony takes place simultaneously in three countries: Bangladesh, Singapore, and Spain. Representatives from ACI Motors, HIMOINSA, and Yanmar have joined this virtual ceremony, to witness and celebrate the collaboration together.

‘We are sure that this trade agreement that we are entering into today will be part of the success that we will talk about tomorrow, because we have all we need; a country which has a growing demand for generator sets and a quality product to cover the market needs. ' says Francisco Gracia, CEO & President of HIMOINSA, and Head of Power Generation Business of YESI (Yanmar).

Bangladesh is a market with great potential and unprecedented economic growth. According to HSBC Global Research, Bangladesh may become the 26th largest economy in 2030, moving ahead of countries like the Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Malaysia. 

Although most of the countries are still affected by the pandemic, the GDP growth of Bangladesh is expected to keep optimistic and achieve number 1 in the Asia-Pacific region. 

'ACI motors initiated power generation business with diesel generators back in 2016', says Dr. F H Ansarey, Managing Director & CEO of ACI Motors, 'We are very proud to represent HIMOINSA Generator in Bangladesh. '
Established in 2007, ACI Motors provides complete farm mechanization solutions and expands its business to construction equipment, automobiles, musical instruments, and energy. ACI is also a dealer of Yanmar agricultural machinery.

The booming economic growth, rapid urbanisation and incremental industrialisation in Bangladesh have increased energy demand, and the genset market will continue to escalate in the coming years, to cater for the rising demand for a continuous and reliable source of power supply. This is where HIMOINSA can contribute with our best-in-class products, more than 30 years of experience, continuous investment in innovation and new product development.

‘The pandemic forces everyone to change lifestyles. But one thing that doesn't change is that the energy continues to be a basic good.' says Francisco, ‘and in situations of global crisis, generator sets continue to be demanded by the market.' 

‘Our commitment is to constantly work on the development of new products.'  Mr Jimmy Onishi, Chief Strategy Officer at HIMOINSA adds.

Jimmy introduces the latest industrial gensets HYW up to 600KVA, upcoming innovation for stationary application, and prime application for the rental market with the best fuel consumption, all powered by Yanmar engines. ‘Companies represent our brands will find HIMOINSA - YANMAR a good partner, because we take a chance on growth, product quality, and good customer service.'

HIMOINSA has been exploring the Bangladesh market for the past decade, searching for a strong business partner to fulfill the local energy demands.

‘Finding good partners is the key to success in anything.' says Marco Perillo, APAC Region Head of HIMOINSA, ‘Last year, Yanmar introduced their local agriculture dealer– ACI Motors to us and since then we started to work together. We are very happy about this cooperation.'

'It has been a wonderful experience working with HIMOINSA team.' Mr. Subrata Ranjan Das, Executive Director of ACI Motors shares his story when first met HIMOINSA team in Singapore, 'We strongly believe HIMOINSA will be the No.1 genset brand in Bangladesh!' he adds.

During the ceremony, ACI brings good news for a new order from Bangladesh General Post Office, 8 units of HIMOINSA's latest HYW de HIMOINSA, in total 2.3MW of power. Exclusive in the Asia-Pacific, the new HYW series powered by Yanmar engines has completed HIMOINSA's middle-range offering and stand out for their compact structure, excellent performance, and best in class fuel efficiency.

With the extensive experience and connections, wide sales and service network of ACI Motors,  with the leading power solutions by HIMOINSA and Yanmar, the combining strengths enable us all to achieve more, to emerge stronger together in the Bangladesh market.

Signing contract in HIMOINSA Asia Pacific office in Singapore

Attending ceremony in HIMOINSA headquarters in Spain

Cake cutting to celebrate the new order of HYW in ACI center in Bangladesh