The HRS 6300 D5/6 and the HRS 3150 D5/6 transformer substations built by HIMOINSA, in a 20 and 10ft container version, respectively, make transformation possible by increasing the voltage of 4 generator sets connected in parallel in the same station. These substations make

it possible to transform 6.3 MVA and 3.15 MVA depending on whether a 20- or a 10ft container is used. The transformer substations make it possible to increase the voltage from low to medium, or vice versa, depending on the needs of the client in each project.


Mobile Transformer Substation Models

Each 20ft container is fitted with two 3,150 kVA transformers which make it the best solution for adjusting the necessary voltage in reduced spaces.

The 10ft container provides the same functionality as far as transformation and manageability as its 20ft counterpart is concerned, but it is also able to connect two generator sets working in parallel.



Transformer protection relay DMCR 3.0: Temperature, pressure, dieléctric level and gas presence

Control and aux panel: Ventilation, lighting, measurements in digital display, alarms, batteries and battery-charger. 

Safety conditions inside container:                                                         Key interlocks and earthing 

Medium Voltage switches: Rated insulation voltage: 24 KV, rated frequency: 50/60 Hz, and rated main busbar current: 630 A


Low Voltage Switch-disconenctor:

Masterpact NW32HA 3.200A


Easy connections for high voltage