12X2000 KW | 24 MW Data Center Alibaba Group, China

24 MW of HIMOINSA power for the data center of the largest online sales group in Asia-Pacific

CASE STUDY | 12X2000 kW | 24 MW  |  Data Center Alibaba Group (CHINA)


Location: GDS Shanghai Waigaoqiao - Alibaba Group Data Centre (Phase II)

Power required: 11X2000kw = 22MW

Power installed12X2000kw=24MW

Generator Sets: 12 HMW-2555 T5 generator sets 6420x2175x3657mm (L x W x H)

Special Configuration: Remote cooling system: heat exchanger, remote radiator and anti-condensation alternator.

HIMOINSA Dealer: Shanghai EPG Machinery & Electricity Co.,Ltd

The data center of Alibaba Group, regarded as the largest online sales group in Asia-Pacific, required a 22 MW standby power supply in the second phase of the project. The aim: to prevent any loss of data and/or functionality of the databases that power the group's online sales portals.After analysing the project requirements, HIMOINSA chose to supply 24 MW of power by installing 12 HMW-2555 T5 generator sets (MTU engine), 11 of which run on standby in the event of power failure, with the remaining generator acting as a backup for the other 11. Each generator set supplies 2785 kVA of standby power.


The challenge was to ensure that the generators were properly cooled. The room in which they were to be installed is unventilated, so in order to cool the generator sets it was decided to install a remote cooling system with vertical radiators on the roof of the building.


Two circuits were installed to overcome the cooling problem. The first circuit has an engine with an integrated heat exchanger to increase the distance between the engine and the radiator. A secondary circuit cools the engine water from the heat exchanger and channels it to the remote radiator, located on the building's roof, far away from the room housing the generator sets on the first floor of the building.

Technical Specifications:

The 12 HIMOINSA generator sets installed in this project have a heat exchanger, remote radiator, anti-condensation alternator and fuel cooler. The fuel cooler keeps the fuel at room temperature to ensure optimal engine performance.

The generators are fitted with a -35 dB (A) steel silencer, which provides a high degree of sound insulation to control noise in the residential area in which the generators are installed.

A HIMOINSA CEA7 control unit monitors and controls the generators and the mains. The control unit controls switching, thus acting as an automatic backup system.

Why HIMOINSA generator sets?

Alick Wan, General Manager at Shanghai EPG Machinery & Electricity Co. Ltd, one of HIMOINSA's distributors in China, says that “our end client was very impressed by the performance and compact structure of the generators. They believe that HIMOINSA product design is the best match for this project. We always choose HIMOINSA generator sets with total confidence for our data center projects.”