HIMOINSA generator sets in the first hybrid microgrid to supply power to a community in Argentina

One of the first solar-diesel hybrid power plants in Argentina has been set up in the town of Malvinas, in the province of Corrientes.

This is one of the first power plants ever to be installed in the country under the concept of a solar-diesel hybrid power plant and it is the first hybrid microgrid to provide power to an entire community. The project implies a clean and renewable source of power provided by a 360 kilowatt peak (kWp) solar photovoltaic power plant, featuring lithium-ion battery storage and a low-voltage distribution network, backed up by a HIMOINSA HFW 160 T5 SP diesel genset.

Greater running time

This model comes with a 600-litre fuel tank that provides up to 21 hours of uninterrupted running time. The generator set is also connected to an external tank that has a capacity of 8,000 litres and is therefore able to extend the running time to 12 days without refilling, perfect for situations in which it has to work continuously.


As far as Ricardo Colombi, the Provincial Governor is concerned, it is vital to support rural areas that are far removed from the power grid with works of this type.

"Electricity rekindles the hope of combating uprooting in the Malvinas region".

This work has been promoted by the Provincial State and carried out by the Joint Venture between Bramaq SRL and Quantum Power Group Argentina SA. Our local distributor, NEA Aercom SA, was selected to provide the logistics needed to undertake the project.

During the hours of daylight, the photovoltaic power plant supplies the load and feeds the batteries of the power storage system.

At night, or when there isn't enough solar radiation, the battery system provides power from the load that has been stored during the day. In the event of there not being enough photovoltaic power to cope with demand, the HIMOINSA HFW-160 T5 generator set will start up automatically in synchronisation with the microgrid, thereby compensating the lack of solar energy.


The town of Malvinas lies 70 km from the city of Esquina in the province of Corrientes, Argentina. It is a rural region, far removed from the conventional power grid, that requires projects of this dimension if it is to have access to a stable and reliable power supply.

The installation of this power plant will generate profit, reflected in the sustainable economic and social development of the people who live in this region. In total, 100 families, two schools, a health centre and a police station will be able to reap the benefit of this project.