New portable generator that is soundproof, compact and easy to transport

HIMOINSA launches the HYA3-5 M5 generator set. A portable generator that supplies 4.4 kVA of PRP power, whose low fuel consumption and long running time make it one of the most competitive models on the market.


The new model in the HIMOINSA portable range, the HYA3-5 M5 generator, incorporates a Yanmar L100N5 engine with an electric start-up system. It supplies up to 4.4 kVA of PRP power and includes a control panel with a set of two SCHUKO 16A 2P+T outlets for quick and easy connection; perfect for ad hoc domestic applications and as an addition to the fleets of rental companies whose customers require smaller machines for applications in small shops and homes.


Soundproofing and running time

Its soundproofed construction version is lined with 30 mm-thick high-density rock wool to reduce noise emissions to 65 dB(A), making it the quietest model in the portable range. It also has a 20-litre fuel tank, with external filling, and a running time of approximately 14 hours' continuous operation.


Portable and compact

Their compact design, small size and upper lifting eye make these units easy to move, and an optional mobile kit can be incorporated for optimal transport. In addition, their carefully considered design includes a wide hood opening angle, ensuring easy access for maintenance.

The HYA 3-5 model is available in a soundproofed, canopied and tubular version, and joins the 30 generator sets of between 3kVA and 10.6kVA that HIMOINSA has on the market. The portable range includes models that run at 50Hz and 60Hz to meet the needs of different markets.