HIMOINSA Racing Team on the 2017 Dakar podium with Gerard Farrés

The HIMOINSA Racing Team, undoubtedly the best private team in the world as well as the best Spanish squad, stood out from the rest once again in this Dakar 2017. The team gets back from Argentina with the third position in the World's toughest rally raid, in reward for the hard work and team spirit of an exemplary structure.

As well as Farrés with his third place and Gimeno's solid finish, Dani Oliveras landed his best result ever in the rally, finishing within the top twenty and proving himself as one of the revelations in the race. Rosa Romero also surprised everybody with yet another Dakar completion, overcoming all the difficulties and setbacks without her companion since the second stage, proving that an amateur woman, with a great fighting attitude, can strive towards such a great accomplishment.

Last year they reached a milestone by getting all their components to the finish line of the world's hardest challenge. However, in this year's edition that result was not possible due to unfortunate mechanical incidents which took down two of their riders; experienced Antonio Ramos due to electrical issues and multiple time Enduro World Champion, Iván Cervantes, due to breaking a wheel.

“Fighting Together” was the Red Army's war song for this race

Nevertheless, the structure keeps its determination. “Fighting Together” was the Red Army's war song for this race, a motto which sums up the spirit of this team, sponsored by HIMOINSA and Yanmar, and which has achieved excellent results in only two years participating in the Dakar. “This is not an individual achievement, this is for all of us. Now I remember all the sponsors who helped me when I was nobody, my family, my friends and this huge team, private, but with endless ambitions, in which everybody does their best at their jobs in this incredible race called Dakar”, said Gerard Farrés as he got on the podium.