New lighter and more compact lighting tower

The new APOLO AS4005 ECO has two 500W LED spotlights, which provide a light output of 120,000 lumens with fuel consumption of 0.83 l/h.

Equipped with a 4.5 kVA Yanmar engine and a Meccalte alternator, the lighting tower weighs 600 kg, making it one of the lightest tower on the market. It also has a 114-litre fuel tank that gives the tower a running time of 137 hours, equivalent to 17 nights' work without needing to refuel. When the generator is working at 100% load in addition to the lights being on, its fuel consumption is 1.7 l/h and it has a running time of 67 hours, almost three days of continuous work. All this makes the tower particularly attractive for the construction sector and the events industry. 

Its mast manually extends up to 6 metres and rotates 360 degrees. Given the tower's small size (2331x1381x2842 mm), up to 22 units can be transported in a trailer or a 40-foot container.

The APOLO AS4005 ECO includes the new HIMOINSA M7T controller, which offers important functionalities to improve the user experience.