New Managing Director of HIMOINSA Germany

The subsidiary has also taken on a new Technical Director to offer a more flexible service that is tailored to the needs of the German market. This market has seen a very positive trend in recent months.

Himoinsa Germany team

Ralf Katzwinkel is the new director of the HIMOINSA subsidiary in Germany. He has extensive experience in the power generation sector and has first-hand knowledge of the specific features of the German and Austrian market: “Each project and each customer has specific requirements that are very different. There is no standard. And this is perhaps one of the key strengths of HIMOINSA: being able to offer the flexibility that we offer and continuing to produce what we make in such large quantities.” 

Supported by an Engineering team, HIMOINSA offers technical consultancy, feasibility studies, certifications and more, even before receiving the order. In the same vein, a new Technical Director with experience of the local market has recently joined the company's German headquarters to offer an even quicker and more efficient service. 

“Our goal is to offer greater added value to the German market at the presale and aftersale stages”, says Ralf. “Having stock available on site, being able to make small changes and being able to serve customers in 24/48 hours”. 

HIMOINSA General Manager, Ralf Katzwinkel

HIMOINSA Deutschland opened in 2010 to serve this market, which has seen a positive trend in recent months. “The current business climate in Germany is very favourable for investment and the public sector has a lot to do with that”, says Mr Katzwinkel. “German public institutions are investing in new developments, infrastructure and buildings that are required by law to have generator sets to supply emergency power.” 

In addition to the recent launch of the website (, which offers its product portfolio completely in German, HIMOINSA Germany will have spare parts in stock to reduce delivery times and to streamline service.