HIMOINSA, part of the Yanmar Group, is a global corporation that designs, manufactures and distributes power generation equipment, from diesel and gas generator sets, lighting towers and control panels, to hybrid generators and generator sets ready to be incorporated into solar power systems.

It manufactures all the components of a generator set in its factories, such as alternators, engines, canopies and controllers. It applies all its engineering know-how to every project in order to adapt the product design to the specific needs of each project, offering technical consultancy, feasibility studies and certifications, even before an order is formally made. All this production capacity gives the company great flexibility in manufacturing, because it means it can make products to measure, with great flexibility and for a global market.

8 Factories | 13 Subsidiaries

It has 13 subsidiaries worldwide, 8 production centres and 1,000 employees who work closely with more than 130 distributors around the world every day.

The main challenge facing the power generation sector is undoubtedly reducing the environmental impact. Innovation is key to this change. 

HIMOINSA is absolutely committed to this challenge. Its Engineering department works every day to offer cleaner solutions, for example using hybrid technology in the telecommunications sector or new gas-powered generator sets and lighting towers. 

The client is our topmost priority

Great customer service has been in the company's DNA since it was founded in 1982, and it prides itself in maintaining a close relationship with its customers, seeking to anticipate their needs and paying attention to the specific features of each market. It's easy to become out of touch.

For HIMOINSA the key is to be as close as possible to its customers and to adapt as much as it can. The company's detailed knowledge of the market, gained through its extensive sales network, has enabled it to develop increasingly tailored products for every customer and every sector, whether hospitals, the engineering sector, rental companies, telecommunications or institutions.

Being a vertical manufacturer is HIMOINSA's main strength, as the company has the capability of producing all components of the genset: alternators, engines, canopies, control panels, automatic transfer switches and paralleling systems.
All the parts are perfectly integrated and the final product is always tested before shipping, minimizing the potential problems during commissioning.

Quality ISO 9001: 2015

Quality Policy