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    Emergency gas power in Romania

    HIMOINSA is supplying power to one of the largest gas pipelines in South-East Europe, which will transport natural gas generated in the Black Sea to countries in South-East and Central Europe.

    HIMOINSA generator sets are once again present in strategic projects guaranteeing a safe and reliable power supply. Carried out in association with All Generating, HIMOINSA's distributor in Romania, this project uses a Natural Gas powered HGM-740 T5 NG model to supply 741 kVA of emergency power to the facilities of the new "BRUA Project" gas pipeline.

    The generator set has been installed in a special 40-feet long soundproofed container, with a configuration specially adapted to work connected to the gas system of the pipeline. To ensure low sound emission levels, a residential silencer has been included to attenuate emissions by -35dB.

    The generator set is prepared as standby equipment in a gas compression station to respond quickly to any outage in the grid. This ensures that the flow of piped gas and the safety of the installation are not affected.


    Natural gas fuel has been chosen, allowing a direct connection of the gas pipeline to the general system, not to mention a more profitable, efficient and environmentally sustainable solution.

    The BRUA gas pipeline is part of the "Three Seas Initiative" (TSI) project, promoted by the European Union, whose objective is the economic development of the regions between the Baltic, Black and Adriatic Seas. This pipeline comprises a direct natural gas transport route that runs through Romania in all four directions and will connect the country to the natural gas grids of Bulgaria, Hungary and Austria. In a first phase of the project, the maximum transport capacity in the direction of Bulgaria would be 1.5 billion m3 per year and 500 million m3 per year in the direction of Romania, and it is estimated that, due to on-going gas exploration in the Black Sea, the project will be extended by a further 300 km to increase capacity in the distribution grid.



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