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    A new range of quieter generator sets for the rental sector

    HIMOINSA has just released the Silent Plus Range, which reduces noise emissions without limiting the performance of the machine. The range of generator sets will include Yanmar, FPT-Iveco and Scania engines that will cover a power range of between 20 and 500 kVA and will guarantee a noise level of around 60 dB.

    The first model to be developed is the HRFW-250 T5 and it will soon be on display in Madrid in MATELEC, the International Trade Fair for the Electrical and Electronics Industry.  

    The low levels of noise emissions have been achieved thanks to the improved and more complex design of the air intakes and outputs. Two exhaust silencers have also been added as standard and top quality insulating materials have been used, such as high-density, 100 mm thick rock wool, not to mention silent blocks that have been sized specifically for the engine-alternator assembly and its dynamic characteristics.

    HIMOINSA's engineering team has conducted important enhancements for applications within the rental sector, making it an ideal genset for events and work in urban areas where there are greater acoustic restrictions.

    The unit has been fitted with a watertight and mechanically highly-resistant canopy and wide doors with more hard-wearing stainless steel locks for easier maintenance. Not only that, the new genset also comes with a large-capacity, 1660-litre tank which, added to the low consumption of its common rail injection engine, allows it to run for almost four non-stop working days, 30 hours without having to refuel. 


    An optional extra is a powerlock connector with 100% of the genset's rated kW capacity, which facilitates a quick, easy and reliable connection. Each phase is distinguished by a different shape and colour and all it takes is a simple twist of the wrist to make the connection.

    Other HIMOINSA products at Matelec Industry 2016

    Same power, less space

    HIMOINSA will be exhibiting its HTW1030 T5 model, which supplies up to 1130 kVA of power in less space. The company will present several construction versions of its generator sets. In this instance, the size of the unit has been reduced by up to 8.5 cubic metres by fitting it with an L canopy (5,960 x 2,250 x 2,555 mm) rather than a 20-foot container (6,058 x 2,438 x 2,896 mm).

    Gas generator sets

    The HGP110 T5 LPG generator set that HIMOINSA will be presenting at Matelec Industry incorporates a PSI 8.8 L NA engine, fuelled by an external propane gas tank. HIMOINSA's gas generator sets guarantee a reduction in polluting emissions and give rise to important operating and maintenance cost savings, compared to diesel gensets. The fact that they are fuelled by natural gas, LPG or biogas means that they are particularly useful and interesting in more populated areas or in environments that are particularly sensitive from an environmental point of view.

    LED lighting towers

    HIMOINSA has designed lighting towers with LED lamps that consume significantly less fuel, thereby providing them with greater running time. The APOLO BOX model, with 6 x 240 W LED lamps (112,452 lumens) will be on show in Madrid. The small size of this lighting tower means that it is easy to transport and especially useful for the construction industry and the rental sector.

    ATS panels 

    HIMOINSA manufactures ATS panels that carry out the transfer of the power supply between the grid and the generator set. With an amperage range of 30 to 3150 A, the HIMOINSA ATS has an IP55 protection rating which guarantees sealing and insulation levels. These panels are designed with a comprehensive electrical mechanism that allows a rapid response to the demand for power in the stand-by market.

    Visit Matelec Industry and ask us about our solutions for data centers and our hybridisation projects

    Data Center Range

    Generators that meet the most demanding requirements of the Uptime Institute, the international body that specifies and certifies how installations for Data Centers should be designed. The generator sets used for this application incorporate a redundant start-up system and pre-heating resistances with a pump that ensures start-up 10 seconds after a grid failure. They can also include a variable-speed radiator that guarantees less fuel consumption and reduces noise levels.

    enerator sets for hybridisation with solar energy

    Projects that combine diesel and gas generator sets which integrate with photovoltaic systems and batteries considerably reduce fuel consumption, operating costs (OPEX) and CO2 emissions. They also ensure that solar resources are effectively harnessed in places with a high degree of solar irradiation. The combination of several sources of energy guarantees supply stability against irradiance variations, allowing approximately 30% of the energy to be obtained from the photovoltaic systems and 70% from the generator sets.




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