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    30MW for Beijing Yongfeng data center

    Beijing Yongfeng Data Center is a milestone project of Yovole's deployment in the cloud networking field. The powerful data center network of Yovole cover China's major economic nodes including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Suzhou.

    The number of data centers has been increasing rapidly in the recent years. According to relevant data, there were more than 390 hyperscale data centers around the world in 2017, 90 more than 2016 and it continues to grow. In China, there're about 500,000 data centers, second only to the United States. HIMOINA plows deeply 

    in the data center industry and has provided power support for numerous data centers in China, accumulated rich experience from critical infrastructure and customized power demands of data centers. Our generator sets tailed for data centers are renowned in the industry for high availability, reliability and business continuity.

    Through our distributor Shanghai EPG, HIMOINSA has supplied five HMW-3030 T5 and six HMW-3100 T5 generator sets to Beijing Yongfeng Data Center.

    Unlike traditional data centers, Yongfeng requested for highly customization in terms of scale, integration, service optimization and upgrade, which requires the infrastructure provider to deliver advanced and efficient one stop solution.

    Currently, Yovole owns 15 high-grade cloud computing and new generation of green data centers.

    Packed by rich experience and superior technologies, HIMOINSA has offered Yongfeng tailored end-to-end backup power planning, operation and upgrade services with improved installation, testing processes, optimized flexibility, and reduced risks.

    • Double-bearing, high-elastic coupling with moisture-proof heater.
    • Low noise electric drive water tank at 45°C ambient temperature.
    • 12kW circulation jacket heater, to keep the cylinder water temperature around 40°C in cold winter, to quicker start of the genset.
    • DSE8610 parallel control.
    • High-performance cushion.
    • N+1 mode, fuel reserve for continuous operation no less than 8 hours.

    The above configurations ensure our power generators designed for Yongfeng to run stably, safely and continuously to reach the rated output. Even under extreme onsite environment from -18.5°C to 41.6°C, the output power can still reach 2500kW (excluding water tank loss). It can also minimize environmental impact and conserve energy.

    HIMOINSA's backup power solution runs through the entire life cycle of data centers. In addition to planning and testing, after-sales service is provided for onsite technical support to complete the commissioning. Our reliable generator sets and professional services are highly recognized by end users, after successful delivery of five MTU units in phase 1, Yongfeng purchased another six units with same configurations for phase 2.

    In the recent years, data centers have experienced significant changes from infrastructure to service management. Whether it is public or private cloud, requirements on the operating environment will be increasingly demanding. HIMOINSA, as a trustworthy power supplier for data centers, will constantly improve our technical, design, integration, project management and service capabilities, continue to provide the best possible services.



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